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The best page for the latest Hooters menu prices! Hooters is a casual beach-themed restaurant is best known for its famous original chicken wings, but they also serve up a number of different dishes and meals including appetizers, seafood entrees, steaks, and sandwiches. Nothing accompanies Hooters Original Chicken Wings better than ice cold beer. Hooters has a vast selection of beers, cocktails, and specialty drinks.

Hooters is a great place to catch live sporting events on flat-screen TVs plus non-stop music all day long. Who didn’t notice the Hooters Girls? A part of the restaurant’s global appeal, Hooters Girls provide great customer service, high energy, and charisma.

Below are the latest Hooters menu prices.

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What’s New at Hooters?

Stay Informed

Get connected with Hooters via several social media platforms. You can follow, connect and watch videos to get the latest news about all things Hooters. Gives new meaning to the phrase “who gives a hoot”. convenience.

Online Ordering

Being without your Hooters favorite dish is just a click away. Get to the Hooters official website, click on what you plan on eating, select a pick-up time and then head over to your favorite Hooters and pick it up. While there, don’t forget to say hello to your favorite Hooters girl.

Gift Cards 

What a great way to show your best buddy what they mean to you by giving them a Hooters Gift card. It’s simple. Just pick your design and choose the dollar amount. The card will be sent via postal service. Let’s hope they invite you to tag along.

Online Fun Stuff

The food is good, the girls are beautiful but you cannot forget the fun. Head over to the official Hooters website too and see how you can waste some time. Play online video games and watch Hooters TV commercials.

Guest Loyalty Program

Hooters will be re-introducing two loyalty programs. Check their website to learn all the details about their E-Club & M-Club programs.

Shopping for Hooters Gear

Ladies, you too can own a pair of those famous orange boy-shorts. You can also get your hands on other Hooters gear like tees, tank tops, caps, souvenirs, and the famous Hooters Girls Swimsuit Calendars.


Hooters is always looking for associates that are beautiful on the outside and inside. If you are outgoing, hardworking and enjoy a fast-paced environment, head over to the Career page on the Hooters website to view current openings. Hope you like the color orange!

Nutritional & Allergen Information

No need to bypass Hooters when you are following a specific diet. Hooters makes it easy to know the nutritional information of what you are eating before you go. Check out the website for complete and accurate details. The guide also provides info on what allergens are included in each dish.


Hooters was founded by six individuals: Dennis Johnson, Ken Wimmer, Billy Ranieri, Ed Droste Gil DiGiannantonio and Lynn D. Stewart. The first Hooters opened in October 1983. Today, Hooters is part of Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. The company’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. There are over 480 Hooters locations in 44 US states, and the company also has branches in other countries including the UK, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and many others.

To view more information about Hooters locations, Hooters hours or the latest news and updates, visit their official website.


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