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The Golden Corral restaurant chain specializes in American cuisine, breakfast, diner and lunch, and it is famous for their generous buffet and grill with an array of dishes, both hot and cold. Since the restaurant’s founding the chain has grown rapidly, and each one has the Brass Bell Bakery and a carving station as distinguished features.


Golden Corral Menu Cost

Golden Corral prices are just about average for the typical American family style restaurant, although the cost of a meal there will depend on how many you are going to order. Their buffet breakfast (until 11 am Saturdays and Sundays) costs $8.69, and their Monday to Saturday lunch has the same price tag at $8.69. Their dinner, beginning at 4 pm from Monday to Sunday is a bit more expensive at $11.59. There are several kinds of beverages available and all of them are pegged at $2.19 and below.

Their Kids Buffet for ages 4 to 9 are priced at $5.99 and those for 9 to 12 years old are just more expensive by a dollar at $6.99. For kids three years and below, two meals peer adult are free. Golden Corral also has affordable Senior’s Buffet, with prices ranging from $2.19 for the beverages to $11.49 for the dinner.

Golden Corral Catering Packages

The restaurant also offers a wide array of catering packages for customers, divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, holiday and wedding catering. Their Light Continental package costs $7.50 and the Country Breakfast $9.75. Their lunch and dinner catering meanwhile, have prices ranging from $8.25 for the Out to Lunch and GC Pit Barbecue to the $14 Fine Dine. Their other lunch and dinner packages include A Day in the Park for $13.00 and GC Picnic for $9.25. Guests can also avail of the BBQ Ribs for $12.00 and That Was Awesome for $11.00. Golden Corral also has several holiday catering packages available including the Holiday Essentials for $9, Gobble Till You Wobble for $13 and the Holiday Feast for just $16. The restaurant also has four wedding catering packages including Light & Easy for $9, Simple and Elegant for $10, Wedding Complete for $11 and Wedding Complete Plus for $13.

Below are the latest Golden Corral menu prices.



Breakfast (Till 11 a.m. Saturday & Sunday)
Beverages Included
Lunch (Monday-Saturday)
Beverages Not Included

Dinner from 4pm

Beverages Not Included

Kid's Buffet

Ages 4-9$5.99
Ages 9-12$6.99

Kids 3 and under Eat free

Limit two free meals per adult$0.00

Senior's Buffet (Over 60)

Breakfast (Till 11 a.m. Saturday & Sunday)
Beverages Included
Lunch (Monday-Saturday)
Beverages Not Included

Dinner from 4pm

Monday-Sunday (11:00 am)
Beverages Not Included
Senior Early Bird Special
Mon to Sat - 11am to 4pm Ages 60 and over (DRINKS INCLUDED)

Breakfast Catering Packages

Light Continental $7.50
Worth Getting Up For$8.50
Country Breakfast$9.75

Lunch & Dinner Catering Packages

Out to Lunch$8.25
A Day in the Park$13.00
GC Picnic$9.25
GC Pit Barbecue$8.25
BBQ Ribs$12.00
Today's Special$11.00
That Was Awesome$11.00
A Fine Dine$14.00

Holiday Catering Packages

Holiday Essentials$9.00
Gobble Till You Wobble$13.00
Holiday Feast$16.00

Wedding Catering Packages

Light & Easy$9.00
Simple & Elegant$10.50
Wedding Complete$11.50
Wedding Complete Plus$13.00


The idea for the Golden Corral restaurant was hatched in 1971 by William F. Carl Gavone Siamese and James Maynard, only after failing to acquire a franchise for other diners. However, incorporation only took place the following year in 1972, with the first restaurant, called the Golden Corral Family Steak House, opening on January 3, 1973 at Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The first restaurant was very successful and the chain expanded rapidly, and as of 2014 there are over 600 locations scattered in 41 states, with revenues of $195 million and more than 9,000 employees. Of those 600+ locations, about 500 are franchised. Actually by the mid 1980s Golden Corral already had several hundred locations, and it was also during that year they began the process of licensing some restaurants to their managers.

Evolution of the Golden Corral Restaurant and Menu During their early years the menu consisted mainly of steaks and meat, but as the preferences of customers changed, Golden Corral began adding salad bars and other items to their menu. To meet growing customer demand, seven Metro Market restaurants were opened in 1991, each measuring 10,000 sq. ft., double the dimensions of the original restaurants. It was also during this time that their Brass Bell Bakery was added, and these bells would sound every 15 minutes to signify that new, fresh pastries, rolls and bread were ready. In addition, the company added the Golden Choice Buffet.

The 2000s saw the company expand and open locations in metropolitan areas whereas before their concentration were just small towns. This new approach worked as their sales increased and led to quicker expansion. In spite of competition with other restaurants, Golden Corral has maintained its edge by coming up with new concepts and ideas, the most recent being the Strata, where guests can see how their food is prepared. In the Strata restaurants, the guests serve the food themselves and can choose from a wide array of food items such as char-broiled steaks, omelets and

Belgian waffles among others. The majority of the restaurants also have a “To Go” service that allows their guests to pack what they want in the To Go box and pay for it. In addition to their offerings, there is reserve parking available. Besides serving a wide array of food items along with affordable Golden Corral prices, on the menu, the restaurant is also known for their philanthropic activities, most notably from 2001 to 2007 when the company, to show support for Veterans’ Day, served 2.5 million meals to retired and active duty military personnel free. In addition to this the company is also a staunch supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network.

To view more information about Golden Corral, visit their official website.

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