You’re Guaranteed an Unforgettable Dinner at the World’s Most Expensive Restaurant

If you haven’t heard of the word Sublimotion, I can’t blame you. I had no idea what it was either, until I was preparing for my trip to Ibiza, Spain.

I was informed by my hosts that we are going to dine at the most expensive restaurant in the world. I was like, ‘Seriously?’

Sublimotion by Paco Roncero is an extra special dining experience that can be found in Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel, and that the cost per person will amount to USD 1,900 or EUR 1,700. High expectations were the top thing on my mind.

When we arrived, I wasn’t so sure what to expect at all.  I didn’t have any idea of what the meals are going to be, but thought it made everything more exciting.

A warning greeted us, saying that tonight’s details are free to be shared with others, but to not be surprised if nobody believed us.

Here’s a recap of what happened:

First, we began the special event by drinking at Estado Puro (this started the sensory-overwhelming, fifteen-course journey). We were then picked up by a Land Rover Armada to bring us to Sublimotion.

Soon we were all standing at a normal-looking door, and we saw a woman communicating our arrival to whoever she was speaking to. We were asked to briefly stay at a classic-looking reception area. Behind a moodily-lighted desk stood a man.

He gave each of us a ticket and a shot. He said the tickets could be eaten. After looking at each other for confirmation, we bit into the material and tasted the envelope’s sugary raspberry seal. Inside my envelope was a gold paper, and I was informed that later I will discover what the golden ticket was about.

‘Oh, boy,’ I thought. ‘So much fun!’ The man led us to an smaller room next door. We watched a video introduction. Apparently, the room was an elevator!

Reaching our destination, it felt like we entered a time-space warp. The dining area consisted of a long table with a dozen grand chairs. The walls are made up of floor-to ceiling monitors. We had designated seats with neon lights.

The second thing we ate was a pill with a fruity flavor that melts in the mouth like ice cream, and I wondered if it symbolizes what we will be experiencing later on.

The next courses were served while we were seated, but it was as if we were traveling to different times and locations around the world.

This is all because of the virtually reality effect of the props, projectors, and lighting installations. One moment we were on land, then the next meal brings us to an ocean environment. We wore Samsung Gear VR specs so we can tour the world while sky diving.

I don’t think I need to tell you how much we enjoyed the food because of the virtual reality experience. Simply amazing!

The sea-themed meal consisted of nitrogen-frozen olive oil, caviar, and juicy seafood, all washed down with Laurent-Perrier champagne. Did I ever tell you that sharks were swimming around us while we were doing this?

While lounging in the countryside, we were having a salad buffet of fresh vegetable gardens, and then slurping oh-so-delicious shrimp scampi as we rode the Orient express. This virtual adventure made us child-like, spinning around our seats. We combed the garden of waterfalls for the mushroom soup, while sipping bubbly peach martinis.

In the middle of our hunt, the hostess came, asking who has the golden ticket. I said I had it, and she asked us what we missed most from our childhood days. Energized and totally having fun, we yelled what we missed from those years.

The next thing we knew we were surrounded by a circus. A circus! Ferris wheels were rolled out and we were handed mini-sandwiches and balloons. We had a dessert bar, cotton candies, cake pops, and weird-shaped popcorns.

So many amazing things followed afterwards, but the finale came at one point. Music blared in the room as the table became our very own spinning stations.  At that moment, we all became DJs.

I definitely had the time of my life in the world’s party capital. Even though we had so much food, we always made sure we still had space for more. What helped, in my opinion, was the way each course was prepared and served. The ingredients were light and truly fresh.

Of course, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much without the virtual reality journey and all the fun people surrounding me as I breathed the moment, from the other diners to the wonderful staff.

Would I do it again?


But only if someone else pays for it.

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