Wood Grill Buffet: The Best Grill Buffet Restaurant in Charlottesville, VA

Located in the Branch Land Boulevard, a little over Route 29, The Wood Grill Buffet stands alone and majestic in the corner between the shopping center parking lot and the Courtyard Marriott hotel. Although it is affiliated with Western Sizzlin chain, this grill buffet can definitely stand on it’s own as it continues to gather loyal followers and visitors over the course of time. Famous for it’s home-style buffet that includes carving stations, fresh salad bar, casseroles, and freshly baked bread with a healthy serving of desserts, all of which follow the original and authentic recipes.

The restaurant is committed to providing and offering only the highest quality of ingredient and buffet items, like the crown favorite slow cooked pot roast, fried chicken, and homemade chicken salad. The flavorful hot and cold options also make it easier for diners and customers to keep coming back for second helpings or more.

Cost differs between adults and children as the restaurant knows they eat different amount but during dinner buffet, the price pretty much stay similar. Waiting goes as long as ten minutes; however, as there is a reservation, it can get as fast as five minutes. The crew tries it’s hardest to serve with impeccable service and stay on their toes if customers need anything.

Breakfast And Healthy Choices

Besides the luncheon and dinner service, the Wood Grill Buffet also offers breakfast and healthy meals. From offering an array of omelets, sliced bacon, buttermilk pancakes, and home-style Southern country breakfast to help curb cravings. In other branches, Mexican breakfast is also part of the choices and a whole lot more during the weekends.

As for the healthy options, the ingredients used to prepare the buffet are only the freshest, most organic food choices the market can offer. These are mainly used for salads and other meals or sides that require vegetables, like the authentic and homemade chicken salad, an infamous treat for all buffet eaters.

Exquisite Food Choices

Recognized by various organizations and award-giving bodies, the Wood Grill Buffet is known to be the best grill buffet concept in Charlottesville and have gathered notable recognition from the top critics and experts of the country. As they continue to bring in quality and commitment, the Wood Grill Buffet also ensures that customers are enticed further by the great and crisp quality of the wines they offer. If compared to other grill buffet restaurants, such as the Golden Corral, customers will be delighted to know that with their service and meal choices, they are just like the competitor but on steroids.

Impeccable Service

They say that food options is only half of the battle to being the best because customers are also looking for restaurants that can offer them with the best service. Fortunately, this buffet experience is not only for the tummy but for the emotions as well. Given the award for best service, their staff, waiters and chefs are more than willing to go the extra mile, just to provide the best gastronomical experience a customer needs.

Servers are courteous, delivery of food in the table is swift and fast, and cleanup is also incredibly speedy.

Family Friendly

Besides the wonderful pricing scheme and food selection, there is also the factor that this grill buffet restaurant can be the right food place where families gather to talk, eat, and bond together. Due to the comfortable atmosphere and delightful ambiance, no family member will be left out nor be saddened by the lack of available foods to eat. Furthermore, their motto of “always the best it can be” is truly embodied by their child-friendly policy, giving way to the little people that takes up the biggest space in the family’s heart.

Franchise Ability

What more, Americans and other people from all over the globe are given the opportunity to provide great service and food to their neighbors thus the procedure on acquiring a franchise was made easier and less complicated. Technical assistance is provided by the main branch to ensure that your business will grow in accordance to what the original has to offer. Franchisee will be able to have restaurant training, site selection, design assistance, and a throng of suppliers to help increase network.

With a business philosophy of trying to convey the business in areas that can get high-traffic, serve delicious and correctly priced meals, the Wood Grill Buffet is the perfect opportunity for people who wants to venture in business.

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