Wings, Beer and Sports: Buffalo Wild Wing’s Recipe for Success

Nothing beats the competitive spirit of sports fan during a sports event. Altogether, they create an exhilaratingly contagious energy that is enough to bring a house down. Which is why establishments that cater to sports enthusiasts, like the Buffalo Wild Wings, combines good food with the love of sports to make a recipe for success.

History Of Buffalo Wild Wings

Established since 1982 by two friends, Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, the idea of putting up a restaurant came about when they got together one weekend to judge an amateur figure skating competition at Kent State University in 1980. Not long after that, the two made a decision to open up their own restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, followed by a second one a year later, in Westerville.

wings-platterThey first called their restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck, thus, the abbreviation bw-3 was conceptualized, and in 1990, they opened this up to franchising opportunities. In 1998, they made some changes to its name and Weck was dropped, so the restaurant became known as Buffalo Wild Wings.

Currently, there are approximately 1070 locations spread all across the United States of America. The company has also expanded to other countries such as Canada, and the Philippines.

Wings And Other House Specialties

The king of Buffalo Wild Wings is, as you guessed it, their signature Buffalo Wings, which comes in two types – the traditional wings, and the boneless wings. The traditional wings are the popular choice, which is their award-winning Buffalo, New-York-style wings made more special by their freshly-made sauces or dry seasonings.

Their wide selection of sauces and seasonings include salt and vinegar seasoning, sweet BBQ, lemon pepper seasoning, teriyaki, Parmesan garlic, honey BBQ, chipotle BBQ seasoning, spicy garlic, and jalapeno, Thai curry, Caribbean steak, and Mango Habanero, just to name a few. The spice level can go from mild to very hot, so you can always adjust the intensity of the heat to suit your taste.

Sandwiches and burgers also get the same rave as the chicken wings. They offer a unique “build your own sandwich” feature for a more customized eating experience. Other offerings include salads, wraps, soft tacos, chicken tenders and popcorn shrimp, plus a special menu for the kids consisting of their favorites, like burgers, mac ‘n cheese, and their own traditional wings meal.

Special Sauce Selection

Buffalo Wild Wings prides itself in 16 signature sauces that have been perfected throughout the years. And because the menu is kept fresh, some sauces and food items are removed from the menu periodically.

But just recently, Buffalo Wild Wings has announced that it will be bringing back some of the favorite sauces, as voted by fans. The Ghost Pepper and Bourbon Honey Mustard will be available and sold in take-home bottles in all branches in the United States for a limited time only. And for every bottle sold, $1 will be donated to Boys and Girls Club of America. This effort will help kids play team sports in communities across the country, according to Mary Twinem, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.

Customers can also choose from these variants: Sriracha Sizzle, Wicked Wasabi, Honey Ginger Kick, Big Easy Bourbon Honey Mustard, Classic Margarita, Ghost Pepper, Korean BBQ, Chipotle Cherry Sting, Smoldering Santa Fe and Butter Maple.

Family-Friendly Restaurant

In 2012, Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. made it to the 18th spot of America’s Best Small Companies. Their motto? “Wings. Beer. Sports,” that’s what Buffalo Wild Wings is all about, and they have been successful at this formula, which is proven by the number of years they have been in the restaurant business.

But it’s certainly not just a place that attracts sports or beer lovers, but families alike, putting it alongside family-friendly restaurants, such as Outback Steakhouse, or the Original Pancake House, because of the restaurant features, which is an open layout with a full bar and a multi-media system that allows its customers to watch any sports program, or the biggest sports event of the year on its projection screens and 50 televisions displayed all throughout the establishment. The children, or adults, have the option of playing video games too.

Here’s a little trivia: Before wall-to-wall flat screen television, Buffalo Wild Wings would use their TV to play music videos. Then one day, someone suggested to turn on the Ohio State game, and then, sports won out in the end.

The Memorable Commercials

Buffalo Wild Wings has created some of the most memorable commercials on television. Their commercials are catchy, fun, and witty, which a lot of sports fans dig. Who can forget the “Last Wing,” which is probably the funniest of all the Buffalo Wild Wings commercials? The internal struggle of a guy over the last piece of chicken wing is a situation that many have found themselves in, but their comic rendition is a hit.

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