Who Are You Calling Shrimp?…Shrimp!

One guy said “Hey, we better start watching our diet. At the rate we’re downing steaks, we probably have something to worry about already.”

Then his buddy said, “Why don’t we go for shrimps instead?”

Most people believe that all kinds of seafood are the same and by going for shrimp buckets, they’re on a lean healthy diet. Let’s go over some stats to see if our facts are correct.

Calorie Profile

In terms of calories, shrimp will be better for dieters. An 8 oz. steak contains 349 calories while shrimp of the same serving size only has 224 calories.

Total fat content for fish is only 2 grams versus the steak’s 17 grams. But, let’s look at the fat component more closely because there are good and bad fats.

In terms of the bad fats, saturated fats which contributed to heart disease, beef has 7 grams while shrimp only has 1 gram per 8 oz. serving.

In terms of the good fats, unsaturated which decrease the chances of heart disease, beef gets the upper hand with 8 grams versus shrimp’s 2 grams

What would be a very bad news for shrimp lovers is that in term of cholesterol content, shrimp has a whopping 442 mg. while beef only has 113 mg.

What the Figures Say

It seems that in terms of dieting for size and figure, shrimp seems to be a good choice over beef because you can eat more without getting to many flabs. But, in terms of health values, figures show that shrimp has more cholesterol that could lead to heart disease and less of the good fats to prevent it.

Plus, if you are already hypertensive, Shrimp contains 508 mg of sodium which is very bad for high blood pressure while beef only has 166 mg for the same serving size.

Socrates said, “Eat to live and not live to eat.”

This is such a wise saying but, with apologies to his fans; where is Socrates now? He is gone together with those who did not follow his concept on eating and lived their lives happily eating what they liked.

Given that the best diet can never give anyone immortality, it is best to enjoy the food that you like in moderation.

And, shrimp has something going for it, something we cannot see from the regular calorie profile.

Let’s Give it Up for Shrimp!

Shrimps are a good source of magnesium that can prevent type-2 diabetes.

Shrimps in 8 oz. serving will give you 48% of the daily requirement of selenium. Lack of selenium in your diet, leads to increased chances of developing cancer, particularly prostate cancer.

Shrimp proteins keep your hair, skin and nails healthy.

Shrimps will prevent anemia with its vitamin B12 content.

Shrimps will give you a boost in energy with its iron content.

Shrimps will make your bones and teeth strong with its calcium and phosphorous content.

Shrimps will help your body process of fats, carbohydrates and protein into useful energy with its vitamin B3.

Shrimps will improve your mood and decrease the chances for depression with its good supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

And, shrimps will keep your thyroid healthy with its copper content.

Shrimps Taste Good!

While steak dinners are treats, shrimp buckets are dreams. One of the best places to enjoy your shrimp bucket is at Joe’s Crab Shack.

There, you can have your shrimps hand breaded and served with fries and coleslaw.

You can have your shrimps hand stuffed with crab and served with crab rice and seasonal vegetables.

You can also have shrimps wrapped with bacon and also served with crab rice and seasonal vegetables plus a special buttery spiced Tabasco sauce.

And, you can have your shrimps hand dipped in shredded coconut pineapple plum sauce and served with fries and coleslaw.

Another good seafood restaurant to go to for your shrimp cravings is Red Lobster. The subject of shrimp craving was used to describe Red lobster for a very good reason

Red Lobster sets the standards in the shrimp loving industry with its occasional Endless Shrimp promo. Yes, it’s all the shrimps you can eat for a very reasonable price. But, you better call first because this promo doesn’t run all year long. If you’re lucky, you may chance on it today. So, call immediately.

The current record for the most number of shrimps chowed down at Red Lobster is 782 shrimps. Now, that’s a lot of shrimps.

There’s no need to challenge this record because there are no prizes up for grabs for setting new records. When it comes to shrimps, the most valuable prize is having that distinct pleasure of enjoying so many.

There is no such thing as a perfect food only, a perfect combination of food that will give you both satisfaction and health. Even with all the numerical figures found in the shrimps’ calorie profile, doctors still say that it’s healthy to eat shrimps twice a week.

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