Best Pizza Spots in New Jersey

Where to Order the Best Pizza in New Jersey?

Although an Italian dish, pizza has become a much loved dish across the globe, and in the United States. Anywhere you go, you’re sure to find a pizza parlor of some sort. New Jersey is no different, as hungry people are sure to find many different restaurants with this food offering. With so many choices, how do we know where to go? Find out what the best pizza places across the state are.

1. A Mano

Imagine being transported back to Naples, Italy with their authentic Neapolitan pizza. The name A Mano which literally translates to “by hand,” is exactly how they make all their pizzas in this restaurant. Don’t expect to find any thin and crisp crusts here. The crust of a truly Neapolitan pizza droops, just like the way theirs does. They also pride themselves with using only the finest ingredients such as imported Caputo extra fine flour. This gives their pizza crusts that distinct flavor and texture.

Even their pizza sauce is hand crafted being made with whole, peeled San Marzano plum tomatoes. As expected, their mozzarella cheese is hand made as well. With such offerings, it’s no wonder that A Mano is one of only three pizza restaurants in the country to be certified by both the APN (Associazone Pizzaiuoli Napoletani) and VPN (Verace Pizza Napoletana).

2. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Despite being a pizza chain, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza restaurant can measure up to the standards of other specialty pizza restaurants in the area. This comes as no surprise since the founder Anthony Bruno Sr. is Italian. Encouraged by his family, he opened a restaurant in what is their original Florida branch today.

They have since expanded locations to New York, Delaware, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Even after years of being in the business, they still offer one of the best pizza’s in New Jersey. Cooked in an 800 degree fire oven, customers can expect a well-done flavor with each slice that they eat. This, along with their excellent customer service where they treat clients like family has become a trademark of the company.

3. Grimaldi’s

This neighborhood trattoria or Italian style food establishment charms its customers at first sight. Located in Hoboken, NJ customers are welcomed by checkered tablecloths and white chairs. With an open kitchen they can also watch how their pizza is being made while they wait.

Despite being a charming and welcoming, this fast food style restaurant is actually a small chain from Brooklyn. Pizza is made in the classic Trenton way, which is a mix of Sicilian-American style. Expect to find the cheese beneath the tomatoes and other toppings. All this is put on a crust that is cooked in a 950 degree fire oven giving rise to slightly charred edges and distinct flavor.

4. Vesta Wood Fired Pizza and Bar

Taking its name from a Roman goddess of home, family and hearth, this restaurant and bar offers exactly this to their clients. Meals fit for families and pizza cooked in wood fired ovens. The domed shape ceiling of the restaurant is also tribute to the goddess’s temple.

Veering away from the usual homey appearance of pizza parlors, patrons can expect a more up-scale ambiance. Their pizzas are likewise as unique as the place itself, being made with unique ingredients that give way to earthy flavors. Moroccan olives, shitake mushrooms, artichokes and artisan pepperoni are just some samples of what they use as toppings.

5. The Vault

While most pizza restaurants lure their clients in with an Italian restaurant setting, this establishment is different. Customers are lured into what used to be an old bank. The former 100 year old bank in Bordentown is now home to a wood fire pizzeria. In case you want to know, there is an actual dining space inside the vault.

The restaurant prides itself with its Neapolitan style pizza which they bake at 900 degrees in a wood fire oven. Their specialized oven is made with crushed lava rocks that were imported from Naples. They also import their ingredients such as San Marzano tomatoes grown near Mt. Vesuvius. According to them, this is what brings about the authentic taste in their pizza. The Vault also serves other Italian dishes such as Panini, gelato and salads.

6. La Casa Bianca

Sitting on Main Street in Whitehouse Station, this attractive restaurant offers home-style Italian food. Owner Paul Liscio took his inspiration from the pizza that his own grandparents used to make. Armed with the dough recipe from his aunt, Paul ventured into creating pizzas with a chewy inside and crunchy crust. Pairing this with his homemade mozzarella, it was a recipe for success.

La Casa Bianca’s best seller is its mushroom pie. Pizza topped with Portobello, porcini and shitake mushrooms all sautéed in olive oil and garlic before being placed on the special crust.

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