Best Places to Get Beer in California

Where to Get the Best Beer in Sunny California?

With more than a thousand wineries across the state, California is responsible for about 90% of production for the entire country. While the state is best known for their wines, those looking for other alcoholic beverages have something to look forward to as well.

Beer lovers in particular will find that there are quite a number of places to get a good brew. Over the past few years the craft brewing industry has seen a boom. This has given way to more than a dozen specialty breweries across California. Ranging from hobbyists to large productions, they have it all. Here are six of the best places to grab a perfect beer.

1. Russian River Brewing

Founded on historic property near the Russian River of Northern California in 2003, this brewery with a beautiful view has a lot to offer. Thirsty patrons can expect to find traditional California Ales aggressively hopped, as well as aged barrels of beer and Belgian style ales. Alongside this they also offer a full line of lagers found in their pub and distributed in chosen establishments. Customers can enjoy these brews in the tasting room that overlooks the magnificent Russian River. If you’re looking for a wide variety of choices accompanied by a relaxing view this is definitely the place to go.

2. The Bruery

Those who find themselves needing a drink in the Orange County can check out this boutique craft brewery. What started out as a small business between family and friends now caters to the public with their special barrel aged ales. Owner Patrick Rue, from which the place takes its name, started out crafting beer as a hobby before turning it into a full time enterprise. There is a wide range of choices including seasonal beers, society beers, draft and barrel aged which are mostly bottle conditioned, unpasteurized and unfiltered. Flavors come from daily influences such as lavender, Thai food and even oatmeal cookies. Beer fans looking for something different will certainly find what they are looking for here.

3. BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse

This California restaurant chain with branches in Santa Ana, Los Angeles all the way to San Diego offers both good food and beer. Well known for their casual ambiance, customers can enjoy craft beer without having to visit an exclusive tasting room. In fact, customers can look forward to multi-awarded brews from the 2015 North American Beer Awards. Check out their barrel aged Tatonka and Abbey Normal, Brewhouse Blonde Kolsch and Nit Wit Belgian-style Wit. BJ’s Restaurant also offers ales, lagers, IPA style and ciders. All of these can be enjoyed with their signature deep dish pizza and other mouthwatering dishes that pair perfectly with their specialty brews.

4. Piaci Pub and Pizzeria

Since there’s no better combination than pizza and beer, here’s another pizza parlor that offers great beer. Located in Fort Bragg, California this place has been aptly dubbed ‘home of the adult pizza”. With offerings such as pesto, chevre, seasonal pears, prosciutto and herbs or Prosciutto, grilled chicken, mozzarella, garlic sauce and herbs it is easy to understand why. With the pizza ready to rival any of that from Italy, they also offer hand crafted beers from a variety of notable breweries. With nine regular choices on the tap and four seasonal ones, customers will find something good to go with their food. Despite having a relatively small selection of beers, customers can find reputable brands from different craft breweries in the region.

5. Cellmaker Brewing Co.

The San Francisco restaurant scene has definitely seen an improvement in their beers thanks to this company. They supply a handful (20 to 25) of restaurants in the bay area regularly with their specialty brews. For those who want something different, they can go straight to the company’s tasting room located within the brewery itself. Don’t be surprised to find something different each time that you walk in, because they do not have a set production output. What beer fans can expect are three to five different hoppy beers, dark roasts, a Belgian-inspired saison and sour beers each time they walk in.

6. Father’s Office

This is one office that people surely wouldn’t mind going to regularly. This nationally acclaimed gastro-pub is owned by no other than, chef Sang Yoon. Originally located in Los Angles and now with a branch in Santa Monica, they offer their clientele a delicious menu. Customers have been coming back for the acclaimed “Office Burger” and other dishes. However, that’s not the only thing to look out for. Customers can enjoy their food along with a selection of 36 different craft beers on tap. If that isn’t enough, they also carry a selection of wines, classic cocktails and distilled spirits. All of this can be enjoyed on picnic style tables and a comfortable casual dining setting.

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