Weird Restaurants: Politically Incorrect Restaurants From Around the World

Here in the US, we’re all about political correctness. A lot of people are up in arms over various issues, and so we’ve taken extreme measures not to offend anyone. But many in the world don’t really care about American sensibilities, and even in the US some dining establishments have used themes that may not be as innocuous for some people.

Let’s take a look at some of these establishments:

1. Hobbit House. This is a bar in Manila that was founded by an American named Jim Turner who was once a Peace Corps volunteer. Since the place opened more than 4 decades ago, it has employed only little people as food servers. It’s a practice that has led some people to accuse the now 71-year old of using exploitative hiring practices.
But to the many people he has hired over the years, Turner is their “uncle” and “elder brother”. He founded his corporation with 7 of his employees as major stockholders. Now they call the shots, and he just works as a consultant.
And sometimes he helps out when foreign patrons get out of control. Once several foreigners terrified the food servers with their “dwarf tossing” stunt, and Turner threw them out pronto.

2. Ninja. A lot of Japanese people are rather tired of being stereotyped as samurai and yakuza. But for the Ninja restaurant in Lower Manhattan in New York City, there’s still the ninja theme to take advantage of.
The restaurant features a Japanese mountain village in feudal times. A guide leads you along quaint bridges and fake boulders to your seat, whereupon ninjas swoop in to take your order. Seriously. And sometimes these ninjas jump out of hiding places to scream at you and leave you terrified. It’s all in good fun, as long as you don’t get a heart attack.
Here you get your choice of steak and sushi, and there’s lots of sake flowing to get you in the mood.

3. Heart Attack Grill. Speaking of heart attacks, here in this Las Vegas establishment they don’t care about the obesity epidemic at all. The food servers dress in nurse outfits, and you get your blood pressure checked. You even get to wear a hospital gowns, and for added authenticity you even sport a plastic ID wristband.
In fact, if you’re obese you get to eat free. On the downside, you have to finish your meal, or else the nurses will spank you in public. And they’re serious about that because they have the paddles to prove it.
And finishing the meal can be a problem. They’ll foist their “quadruple-bypass” burger on you, and that’s 4 patties with a caloric total of almost 10,000 calories. And you get crispy “flatliner” fries with that, while the wine is served in IV bags.

4. The Magic Restroom Café. Normally, you don’t want to combine toilet humor (or anything that’s even remotely connected to a toilet) with your dining experience. Apparently the brains behind the Magic Restroom didn’t get the memo.
Instead of regular chairs, you sit on toilet bowls, which fortunately don’t’ work. They serve regular Taiwanese dishes, but the difference here is that here you also eat them from miniature toilet bowls. And when you’re trying to enjoy what they call “stinky tofu”, it can be a challenge.
The whole place seems like something that Adam Sandler and his cohorts dreamt up while they were drunk. It’s not really ideal for a first date, but if your sense of humor matches that of a typical 8-year old, this can be your new hangout.

5. The Hello Kitty Dream Restaurant. No list of this type is complete without any Japanese reference, but this time this restaurant is in Beijing. You absolutely don’t want to enter this culinary shrine to Hello Kitty, which is really big in China, if you’re a grown man. It’s like announcing that you have pedophile tendencies.
Basically, the place caters to little girls, and the waitresses look awfully young in the very cute and small outfits. So if you’re a man, don’t even think about eating here!
There are a few other places that should have been on this list. One is Buns and Guns, which was a military-themed restaurant that served sandwiches with names like Viper, Torpedo, and Tyfoon. You had sandbags defining your walls, and the place even played gunshot sounds.

The problem was that the restaurant was in Beirut, so people didn’t really enjoy a place that felt like they would be shot at any moment. And so it closed down.
Then there was the Hospitalis restaurant in Latvia, where the waitresses wore nurse’s uniforms with short red wigs. Their gimmick was that you’d be forced to wear a straitjacket, and then the “nurses” would feed you. Unsurprisingly, the place closed down too.
Which of these places on our list will close down soon as well?

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