Weird Restaurant Themes that Offer More Than Good Food

For most diners, the first thing they check in a restaurant is their menu. They will scrutinize every item, ask what their best sellers are, and decide if they are impressed or if they will move on to the next restaurant.

However, not all customers are like this as some go to restaurants to check out what other things they have to offer, even considering it as a bonus if they happen to chance upon a unique, themed restaurant with good food. These patrons look for the weirdest, most outrageous place to eat for the experience, adventure, and fun night they can share with friends and loved ones.

While Japan remains to be the country well-known for weird restaurants, there are a few of its kind that have already penetrated the land of milk and honey. Here is a list of the weirdest, most unusual restaurants in the United States that people should take time to try.

1) The Varsity in Atlanta, GA

Operating for over 85 years, this restaurant is the largest drive-in diner known all over the world. Established in Atlanta by Frank Gordy, The Varsity offers not only the best and freshest ingredients for their infamous hot dogs, onion rings, fries, chilis, and fried pies but also a one-of-a-kind experience. Eating in this establishment is like being taken back to the days when mobile restaurants are all the raves.

Besides being able to accommodate over 600 cars in one stop, their world-class desserts are also the best-selling feature no other drive ins have. Believe it or not, The Varsity can make and serve more than 5000 homemade fried pies because of it’s wonderfully succulent taste.

2) Magic Restroom Café in Los Angeles, CA

The now defunct toilet-themed restaurant in Los Angeles originated in Taiwan and most customers went to check it out not for the food but for the experience. Magic Restroom Café has the restroom down to the brim, starting with the ambience, the decors, and even the eating utensils. While most reviewed the restaurant as a good place to have a weird photo op, most customers said they’ll only go here once.

It is no wonder the restaurant closed down after just eight months of operation.

3) Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York City, NY

Rumored to be haunted, this bar and restaurant is a place where the eccentrics get together to dine and have fun. With a continuous live entertainment and matching spooky effects, the wacky characters known as Dreadworthy and Professor Shroud add charisma to the place. Occasionally, customers will be able to mingle with apparent mad scientists, philosophers, and adventurers thus a warning that “anything can happen at Jekyll and Hyde” has been made as a disclaimer.

4) Medieval Times

Eating at the Medieval Times is truly a unique and extraordinary gastronomical experience mainly because of the banquet and competition between Knights. The restaurant originated in Spain in the year 1973 but soon established itself in North America ten years later. Due to an overwhelming reception from the public, it started branching out and with over nine locations in the continent, customers can now easily enjoy a meal with an old-fashioned jousting for entertainment.

5) The Safe House in Milwaukee, WI

A theme taken straight out of a spy movie, with top secret passwords being uttered silently at the door, this restaurant will make movie buffs and conspiracy theorist go Gaga. Customers flock here for the experience and the food as it is an extremely thrilling to be asked a password before being able to eat in the place. It is like a mixture of all guilty pleasures including the misguided fantasy of being an international spy or working for the CIA.

6) Ninja in New York City, NY

Stepping inside the Ninja restaurant in New York is like going back in time, during the days when the ninjas of Japan ruled their country. With succulent and savory dishes, surprises, and a very accurate re-enactment of an actual ninja castle, customers will definitely have a time of their lives. Furthermore, their signature dish called Katana, a delicious Angus steak smeared with teriyaki sauce and served with fried risotto, Alaskan king crab, and tomato mango salsa, will also ensure that a second or third trip is in order.

Of course, there are still some restaurants that can give customers the same experience but with less peculiarity. An example of this simple, family-friendly restaurant is GameWorks, a hybrid between a sports bar, entertainment center, and American classic diner. With a variety of unique and all-time favorite meals such as hot dogs, burgers, fries and beers, this one-of-a-kind restaurant can definitely help create memorable memories to last a lifetime.

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