Waitress from Ruby Tuesday Gets A Brand New Car After Paying For Lunch Of National Guards

“No good deed goes unnoticed” says the old saying and for 21-year-old Sarah Holdahl, this quote became literally true overnight as her simple good deed trended on all social media platforms. After becoming an Internet sensation, her story was picked up by the media and apparently, got the attention of multi-talented host, Ellen DeGeneres.

How It All Started

Holdahl is a single mother and a waitress at the New Hampshire restaurant, Ruby Tuesday. Like any other day, she would wait on tables, get their orders, and bring them food as fast as possible.

However, one Wednesday in October, two uniformed female National Guards came in and she was the waitress who waited on them. She can’t help but overhear that these two officers had been furloughed.

Instead of giving the pair a check for their meal, Holdahl did the unthinkable and presented them with a note that she has paid for their meal. In the note, the waitress said that it’s sad that people who protect the country are not being paid by the government but as she is still receiving wages, she is more than willing to pay for their lunch. She ended her letter with a “thank you for serving ladies!”

Of course, word spread quickly of the waitress’ good deed, helped by the tweets from the New Hampshire National Guard and the restaurant itself. What more, the two guards waited for Holdahl to finish her shift and they gave her a big hug.

“I came out front and they were out front waiting for me and they came up and hugged me and just their reaction was worth everything,” Holdahl said. The waitress added that she got emotional over the reaction of the officers, stating, “It was like I did a [big] huge thing when all I did is pay for lunch.”

How The Ellen DeGeneres Show Responded

When Ellen DeGeneres learned about Holdahl’s good deed, the host didn’t think twice about giving her a call. DeGeneres invited Hodahl to appear on her show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, so she can pay for the $27.72 lunch that the two officers ate. The host even joked about getting the money from her pocket and counting them on her palm.

But, as soon as DeGeneres pulled the remaining 75 cents from her pocket, it was not the amount Hodahl expected to receive. Because instead of the actual cost of the meal, the generous host gave her a whooping $10,000 check.

Naturally, DeGeneres did not stop there. The multi-talented host has asked one of her show producers to pretend as a reporter to interview Holdahl in her hometown. As it turns out, it was only a ploy to reward her good deed even further.

While interviewing Holdahl, the pretend reporter suddenly handed to her a phone with DeGeneres on the other line. During the phone conversation, the host stressed out that Holdahl has an old car which she shares with her mother.

Holdahl described her car as “it’s got four wheels and gets us from Point A and to Point B.” The kind-hearted waitress also revealed that in order to get her son to daycare and get to her work on time, her friends and sometimes her mother help in driving.

During the phone conversation, one show employee came up and suddenly presented Holdahl keys to a brand new car. Surprised beyond words, the waitress was only able to cry as she sits on the driver’s seat of her 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport.

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