Wagamama Menu Prices

Wagamama Menu Prices
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Wagamama is a British restaurant chain that serves Pan-Asian food in the style of a Japanese Ramen Bar. Alan Yau Established the first Wagamama restaurant in 1992 at Bloomsbury, London. In Japanese, Wagamama means “A naughty child; one who is willful and determined” and thus, the restaurant’s management adopted the philosophy of “Kaizen”, the determination for good change which is reflected in their culinary artistry where their restless spirits are in constant search for a way to make things better.

Below are the latest Wagamama menu prices.



Coconut Seafood Broth£12.95
Teriyaki Lamb£14.95
Beef Massaman Curry£12.95
Grilled Tuna£12.25
Yakitori Duck£13.95


Meet the dish | Make it Your Own | Perfect With

Cha Han Donburi (Yasai)£7.75
Cha Han Donburi (Chicken and Prawn)£8.25
Teriya Donburi (Chicken)£9.50
Teriya Donburi Beef)£10.95


Warm Chili Chicken Salad£9.75
Warm Chili Tofu Salad£9.25


Miso Soup and Japanese Pickles£1.95
Japanese Pickles£1.00
A Tea-Stained Egg£1.00


Meet the dish | Make it Your Own | Perfect With

Raisukaree (Chicken)£10.95
Raisukaree (Prawn)£11.95
Surendra's Curry (Yasai)£8.95
Surendra's Curry (Chicken)£10.95
Surendra's Curry (Tilapia Fish)£10.95
Kotsu Curry (Chicken)£9.75
Kotsu Curry (Yasai)£8.95
Firecracker (Chicken)£9.95
Firecracker (Prawn)£10.95


Soba/Ramen Noodles | Udon Noodles| Rice Noodles

Yaki Udon£8.95
Yaki Soba (Yasai)£7.75
Yaki Soba (Chicken and Shrimp)£8.25
Teriyaki Soba (Salmon)£12.25
Teriyaki Soba (Beef)£13.95
Ginger Chicken Udon£9.50
Pad Thai (Yasai)£8.95
Pad Thai (Chicken and Prawn)£9.95


Edamamde (v)£4.35
Wok-Fried Greens (v)£4.35
Aga Dashi (v)£4.25
Pork Ribs£6.75
Stuffed Tempura Mushrooms£4.95
Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki£6.25
Tori Kara Age£5.25
Chili Squid£5.80
Ebi Katsu£6.95
Mushroom Onigiri (v)£5.50

Hirata Steamed Bun

Pork Belly and Panko Apple£4.65
Korean Barbecue Beef and Red Onion£4.65
Mixed Mushrooms and Panko Aubergine (v)£4.25



Yasai | vegetable (v)£5.75
Pulled Pork£5.90




Meet the dish | Make it Your Own | Perfect With

Chicken Ramen£8.95
Chili Ramen (chicken)£10.25
Chili Ramen (beef)£12.95
Wagamama Ramen£10.25
Grilled Duck Ramen£12.95
Pork Ramen£9.25
Yasai Ramen (v)£9.75

Fresh Juices

Raw (regular)£3.50
Raw (large)£4.50
Fruit (regular)£3.50
Fruit (large)£4.50
Carrot (regular)£3.50
Carrot (large)£4.50
Super Green (regular)£3.50
Super Green (large)£4.50
Clean Green (regular)£3.50
Clean Green (large)£4.50
Tropical (regular)£3.50
Tropical (large)£4.50
Blueberry Spice (regular)£3.50
Blueberry Spice (large)£4.50

Soft Drinks

Still Water£2.10
Sparkling Water£2.10
Coke / Diet Coke / Coke Zero£2.40
Ginger Beer£2.40
Sparkling Elderflower£2.40
Peach Iced Tea (regular)£2.10
Peach Iced Tea (large)£2.80
Orange Juice (regular)£3.50
Orange Juice (large)£4.50
Green Tea£0.00

This winning philosophy has taken Wagamama to its present state where their brand of service excellence and culinary mastery has led to the establishment of over 140 locations around the globe with presence in 16 other countries aside from the UK. Wagamama locations in Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Kuwait, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UAE and the United States are all serving the same quality of mouthwatering Omakase, Ramen, Teppanyaki, Donburi and other delightfully exotic Japanese cuisine all served fresh, full of life and soul.

wagamama-menu-pricesWith its unique style of restaurant service where orders are taken via PDAs and order numbers are written on the paper mat set on group tables large enough for 16 people, the Wagamama experience is always something to share and something to comeback for.

For more information about Wagamama, visit their official website.

Last Updated: November 17, 2017 7:19 pm

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Wagamama Menu Prices
5 (100%) 2 votes

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