Ultra Decadent Chocolate Desserts That Will Blow Your Mind

Everybody is tickled with a sweet chocolate streak once in a while, and everybody wants to spoil themselves with sugar.  Eating deserts are a perfect way to end a good meal.  A delicious pie topped with ice cream is a great way to cool down and a fantastic way to cut the blues.

It is undeniable that deserts have a way to make someone happy.  With moderation, a sweet treat for yourself is not just necessary, it’s life-saving.  But for you to achieve this, the first step is to look for the best.

Here are the best and extremely decadent chocolate desserts to fill your heart and blow your mind:

1. Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies

Now this is not just out of the box brownie.  This is an amazing brownie that has salt and a jar of Nutella that will explode in your mouth with hazelnut goodness with rich chocolate.

This brownie has only has 4 ingredients:  flour, chocolate, hazelnut and salt.  It’s lightly sweetened but definitely nutty and full of chocolate flavor.

2. The Chewy Cookie

This is not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie.  This is a cookie recipe that is made of bread flour and huge chunks of chocolate chip.  The bread flour in the cookie makes it thicker, bigger and definitely chewier.

These cookies are so chewy that the cookie literally melts in your mouth and the chocolate fudge so full that will drip from your lips.

3. Red Wine Velvet Cake

Here’s a good use for your spare Pinot Noir.  This is a delectable after-dinner cake that has red wine and rich chocolate and topped with vanilla white icing.  The cake mix also has cinnamon and nutmeg that make the recipe all spicier and more exciting to eat.

It’s a recipe that puts the meaning of red velvet cake into an entirely new context.

4. Texas Sheet Cake

This is one big chocolate cake and will leave a big pile of tissues after you’re done with it.  The Texas sheet cake is a rich and chocolate cake that is baked on a 24 inch flat sheet.

This is a cake (not a brownie) that is eaten with your hands.  The chocolate icing is so full that your fingers will be dipped in fudge goodness and best licked off then wiped clean with a napkin.

5. Chocolate Decadent Bites

It’s a ganache and a brownie cross breed.  The chocolate brownie outside is made of bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, pecan and walnut bits.  The inside is made of cream cheese, chocolate and liquor.

This is a decadent brownie that is bittersweet and rich as well as full with flavor from liquor and cream.  If you want to make this creamy brownie less bitter, remove the liquor from the ganache mixture.

6. Snacker Candy Bars

This is a candy bar that is coated with semisweet fudge, and filled with nougat, caramel sauce and salted almonds.  It may look like an ordinary candy bar, but the caramel is rich and will ooze out of the bar at every bite.

This candy bar is great to cut into pieces and mix with vanilla ice cream and an extra swirl of chocolate syrup.

7. Chocolate Pistachio Pie

This is a pie that is made of a chocolate crust, chocolate filling made out of cream, pistachios and more chocolate.  This is very decadent and a good mix of saltiness from pistachios and fudge all around.

This pie is made even greater with pistachio white cream and chocolate shavings on top.

8. Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crunch

It’s a chocolate dessert that is crunchy with toffee ad topped with coconut shavings.  The experience of eating this dessert is exquisite because the crunchy matzo combines well with sweet and nutty toffee and coconut sweetness.

9. Bittersweet Brownie Drops

This is a bittersweet brownie mixture that also tastes buttery and a little bitter.  However, instead of the brownie mix poured on the baking sheet, a spoonful of it is dumped and baked to form a huge dollop of chewy brownie.

With the bittersweet taste, the white chocolate chips in the center make it chunky and delightful.  These brownies taste great with a glass of warm milk.

10. Chocolate Rocks

If you’re looking for ultimate chocolate and fruit chunkiness, these cookie bites are your best bet.  This is a desert that has apple butter, raisins, apple bits and pecan nuts, soaked in chocolate batter and fudge.

It really looks like a rock with a coarse outside and definitely chunky, fruity and nutty.

For other delectable desserts, go to the Melting Pot or Bob Evans for a good filling of sweetness after a hearty and budget friendly meal.  You can get a great slice of cheesecake or fruity crepes without spiking your blood sugar.

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