Top 10 Pizza Places You Have To Try (If You Love Pizza)

Pizza is one of the most favorite American comfort foods and we take our pizza seriously. If you love pizza, you’ll love this list of restaurants that serve the best pizza. Check it out:

1.Area Four

If you are looking for some authentic Italian pizza in the US, Area Four is probably your best choice. While most pizza places today use modern ovens to bake their pizzas, Area Four is still using a good ol’ wood-fire oven. According to them, what sets them apart from their competitors is their “no sugar and oil, 30 hour fermented” pizza dough. We don’t doubt that, but their house made sauces combined with their fresh toppings are as equally good as their crust. So whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, you will find their pizza selections heaven on earth.

2.Cane Rosso

Consistently voted as the best Pizza in Dallas, Cane Rosso is the best place for Neapolitan style pizzas. From their fresh dough and hand-made mozzarella to their house made specialty sauces and fresh toppings, everything is just perfecto!

3.Coals Artisan Pizza

Coals is the home of the first coal-fired pizzas in Kentucky. Like some of the best pizza places in the world, they take pride in their handcrafted pizza dough that takes three days (you read that right) to be fermented. With that very extensive process, you bet they produce the best pizza crust in the country. But their awesomeness does not stop there. Their choices of authentic Italian sauces, 100% real cheeses and fresh toppings go very well with their crust. Their pizzas are clearly created by pizza gods!

4.Double Mountain

Known for their tap beers and good music, their New Haven style pizzas used to be undiscovered treasures. But the secret is out and if you don’t mind standing in long lines for pizzas, their selections of brick oven baked specialty pies are definitely to die for.

5.Antico Pizza Napoletana

Nestled in a less popular neighborhood in Atlanta, this classic Italian restaurant is the home to some of the best wood-fired Neopolitan style pizzas. While most pizza places today are focusing on being creative on their menu, this awesome place centers on the most basic and simple principles of Italian cooking. You can settle for their best seller, which is the Margherita or try their Lasagna pie.

6.Frank and Helen’s

Founded in 1956, this family restaurant has been a favorite place for pizza among locals for years. With create-your-own pizza craze trending today, this place is really a must visit because they will definitely bring your pizza experience to the next level.


This place boasts of the classic Neopolitan pizzas that started out in a small place in Brooklyn and now conquering the world. Handmade crust + classic Italian sauces + authentic cheeses + fresh toppings = GREAT PIZZA. Their philosophy is as simple as that. Their straightforward yet super delicious pies are really must try. After all, they would not be known in other parts of the world if they are not that good, right?

8.Pizzeria Beddia

This is one of those pizza places you want to go to if you plan on eating out alone. Because seriously, who in their right mind would want to share a really good pizza? Because this place is pretty small and their pizzas always run out even before dinnertime, it’s really a pizza experience to look forward to. The owner who also happens to be the chef makes everything from scratch.

9.Post Office Pies

If you are looking for a fusion of American and Italian inspired pizza, then Post Office Pies is definitely a great choice. Their hand tossed, wood fire baked pizzas are really excellent. Made with fresh ingredients and prepared masterfully, these are the type of pizzas you want with cold beer over good conversations with friends.


Looking for the world’s best Chicago style pizza? Well, search no more because Pequod’s serves mouth-watering deep-dish pizzas that will surely make every pizza lover drool. All their pizzas are baked in cast iron pans for a caramelized finish. Go for their cheese only pizza or add fresh toppings of your choice. Either way, you will surely a have a one of a kind pizza experience here.

If you ever consider yourself a pizza lover, try any one of these pizza restaurants so you’ll know what great pizza tastes like. Heck, even if you don’t like pizza, we bet you will change your mind once you’ve tried these places out.

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