Best Places to Dine in America

Top 10 Best Restaurants in the US

Nothing compares to having a gastronomic feast in the US. The country is home to some of the most unique and tastiest food options that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. If you are here for business or pleasure, make sure to check out the best restaurants.

Casual, Formal Dining Options

Cosme in New York City tops the list of this year’s most famous restaurants in the United States. The place serves a range of tasty dishes with a twist prepared by Chef Enrique Olvera, who is originally from Mexico City.

The FarmTable Kitchen in Florida by chefs Michael Mina and Don Pintabona offers a very distinct experience to guests who are after both taste and exclusivity. The restaurant only sits a small group of people, thus ensuring that every guest is served well.

For guests looking for a unique seafood experience, the Boiling Crab is definitely the best place to be. The Boiling Crab is best known for serving the freshest, yummiest crabs in the whole of the US.

Guests who wish to bring their families to their next food adventure should head to Giada in Las Vegas, Nevada. Traditional family recipes with an Italian twist is guaranteed at this place.

The Grey in Savannah, Georgia does not have anything to do with the film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but the restaurant offers visitors with an equally exciting experience. The Grey has been dubbed as one of the best restaurants in the US because of its contemporary food options and ambiance.

Fun, Quirky Dining Options

Artists would definitely fall in love with the Liquid Art House in Boston. The restaurant offers contemporary cuisine that can be enjoyed while viewing some of the nicest paintings in Massachusetts.

Chef Curtis Stone opened Maude in Beverly Hills, California as an attempt to bring his knowledge and expertise about food preparation and cooking to the rest of the world. At Maude, Chef Curtis Stone offers a set menu that is inspired by South California cooking and that is changed at least once every month.

Japanese, French, American Restaurants

Guests who are craving for Japanese cuisine should head to Momotaro in Chicago. From ramen and sushi to tempura and sashimi, everything Japanese is definitely served here. Momotaro also serves different types of cocktails that could be perfectly paired with signature Japanese dishes.

For anything French, guests should head to Monsieur Benjamin in San Francisco, California. Formerly known as The French Laundry, Monsieur Benjamin sells unique ad exotic dishes such as the seafood sausage, fried frog legs and a whole lot more.

What better way to enjoy American cuisine while in the US than by heading to Pax Americana. The restaurant is ideal for those who don’t necessarily want to try anything exotic but still want to be satisfied. Pax American is located in Houston, Texas and the restaurant serves a focused seasonal menu that is changed on a daily basis.

Traveling and dining has never been this easy and exciting. This list could easily serve as guide to those who are looking for a unique dining experience without sacrificing their budget.

All of these restaurants are classified as reasonably-priced, which means guests are guaranteed to receive their money’s worth. Not to mention, guests will be served sumptuous foods and will be well attended by courteous and experienced staff.

So before trying out other restaurants in the US, make sure to check out these dining places first.

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