Tips for Dining On a Budget in Vegas

Las Vegas is home to numerous fancy restaurants and celebrity chef dining locations, and you may want to try them every now and then. However, these visits will surely put a dent in your budget. Don’t worry though, as there are still ways you can enjoy a great meal in Vegas without blowing too much of your gambling money.

Share a Meal

This is perhaps the most obvious method of saving your money, since many restaurants here serve huge portions that are easily good enough for 2. The best places for this are:

  • Hash House A Go Go
  • Guy Fieri’s Kitchen and Bar at The LINQ
  • Cheesecake Factory at the Forum Shops at Caesars
  • Grand Lux Café at Palazzo and Venetian

You should also try Carmine’s at the Forum Shops at Caesars, where the dishes are served in family-sized portions that your party can share.

Don’t Order a Soda at a Restaurant

If you’re in a restaurant, you may as well try to get drinks you don’t often get at home. Never mind the soda, since these places can really overcharge you for them. Even a can of Diet Coke can go for $5. If you really need your soda fix, just go to a convenience store instead.

Do Brunch

Brunch is pretty much a combo of breakfast and lunch, so you really get 2 meals for the price of one. There are lots of brunch places in this city, and many offer “all you can eat meals”. Others even add a “bottomless booze” offer for about $20, and you get back your cost with just 3 drinks. Also, the booze can also whet your appetite.

Happy Hour

Contrary to rumor, you actually can find Happy Hour on the Strip. You just have to know where to look, and we made things easier for you by showing you where and when you can go:

  • Andre’s Cigar and Cognac Lounge. Tuesday to Sunday, 5 – 7 p.m. Select beers like Heineken cost $5, cocktails like Manhattans cost $6, and small food plates go for just $7. This place looks like it’s designed for whiz-kid bankers, but at happy hour the prices are terrific.
  • Culinary Dropout. Monday – Friday, 3 – 6 p.m. This is a rather trendy hip place, with memorable décor and tasty treats. But you’ll feel cool as well during the Happy Hour when the prices are much more affordable.
  • Diablo’s Cantina. Every day, 3 – 7 p.m. Tacos go for $4 and draft beer, cocktails, and margaritas cost $5. Every 30 minutes, they spin the “wheel of sin” to designate the drink special.
  • The Garage. Every day, 11 a.m – 7 p.m. Yes, it’s a gay bar, but there’s really nothing wrong about that. The auto shop theme is fun, and so is the very long happy hour for most of the day. Walk in and you get 2 drinks for the price of 1, even if you’re straight.
  • Hussong’s Cantina. Monday –Thursday, 3 – 6 p.m. You get half-price off for select drinks, and tacos cost $3. Even the food at regular prices seems like a discount, since the servings are huge.
  • Park on Fremont. Monday – Friday, 4 – 7 p.m. and Monday – Thursday, 11 p.m. till closing time. Well cocktails go for $3, domestic draft beers are $4, and select craft draft beers are $5. Then there are $5 food items such as the delectable garbage fries and mac & cheese balls.

Hotel Deals

Before you even make your reservation, see if the room comes with a special deal for food and beverage credit. Many hotels offer these as incentives so you’ll try the restaurant at the hotel.

Get to the Buffet before the Price Change

Sometimes it all comes down to timing if you want to save money on buffets. Arrive there just before they serve the lunch menu, and you can get lunch at breakfast buffet prices. The same thing goes for your dinner as you can pay lunch prices instead. This may not work for all buffets since some close down for an hour or two between meal changes.

Check Your Room for Coupon Books

Hotels may leave coupons for their restaurants in your room. In fact, even the magazines in the room may contain coupons between the pages.

Go Downtown

Generally speaking, prices in downtown Las Vegas are lower than on the Strip. So go to a major hotel downtown and enjoy the lower prices in their restaurants.

Try out these tips, and you won’t have to pay more than you ought to for your meals!

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