Diners Rock When Visiting Tijuana Flats

Tijuana Flats – The Place Where Diners Rock

How would you describe Tijuana Flats? If the Tex-Mex food industry was the music industry then, Tijuana Flats is the rock ‘n roll star who is a rebel with a come-as-you-are attitude. Obviously, this restaurant is living up to its image of serving some of the spiciest entrees in the Tex-Mex industry with their super-hot sauce creations. After all Tijuana Flat’s founder, Brian Wheeler developed his own line of spicy sauces called Smack My Ass and Call me Sally for a while. And while Tijuana Flats is holding on to the title of Spiciest Tex-Mex, they are also creating a lot of following with their “Fresh and Healthy” image with their hormone-free chicken, zero trans-fat cooking oil and no canned foods philosophy. Yes, there are no freezers ad microwaves in any Tijuana Flats store and what you get is freshly made burritos, tacos and everything else on the menu every time you order.

Following the Tijuana Flats’ Manifesto you’d be able to see how the business is being run and why it is considered the rock star among the Tex-Mex restaurants.

1. “There is no problem a burrito can’t solve.”

Whether you are happy, sad, celebrating or crying, Tijuana Flats is the best place to unleash your emotions because for as long as you have a burrito in your hands and very close to your mouth, you are the king of the world and everyone else is just envious of you being only seconds away from biting into a great burrito.

2. “Don’t be a stranger, be stranger.”

Some would say that all Tex-Mex restaurants are serving the same thing, burritos, tacos and whatever. All these will change when you have gone to a Tijuana Flats because what you’ll be having is stranger than strange. It’s like those lead solos in a rock ‘n roll rift. They will never be the same because there is always that spur of the moment artistry that goes into their blends and flavors.

3. “Get in touch with your inner weirdness.”

A visit to Tijuana Flats is a day for discovery. People who say that Tex-Mex restaurants are all the same are only saying so because they always stay on the safe side ordering the usual tacos and burritos. Tijuana Flats is encouraging everyone to try something new. If you haven’t tried Chimichangas, order it because it is such a nice and fun word to say.

4. “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”

You are a superstar at Tijuana Flats and you will be treated like you are the only customer. One of the best things about Tijuana Flats is that every store has the same warn reception as every other. You will feel it the moment you set your first foot inside the establishment, all eyes are on you and everyone is out to give you the best time ever.

5. “We’ll clean up the mess, so get messy.”

Tijuana Flats is a place where you are supposed to enjoy your food. And if enjoying means devouring and making a big mess with all the ingredients falling and rolling off the table then so be it. The only tacos that don’t make a big mess are those that are soggy. Well, you can’t have that in Tijuana Flats. Their tacos are crunchy and you will definitely be leaving a big mess, and that’s perfectly alright.

6. “We don’t want to brag but there’s a big chance that we’ll be seeing each other again soon.”

Tijuana Flats is not just a place where you can have Tex-Mex food. It’s a place where you can have fun and be yourself. Those who have tried the food , service and ambience at Tijuana Flats always comes back over and over again because what you’ll get is not only an excellent dining experience but a total rock ‘’n roll concert where you are playing lead.

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