The Truth About a McDonald’s in Colorado That is Rumored to Have A Cannabis Friendly Area

There’s been a rumor going around that a number of McDonald’s franchises in Colorado will be converting their Play Place area to cannabis friendly smoking areas. According to the rumor, two locations were already converted to cannabis friendly restaurants and 13 more locations are set to follow. Their plan is to install 15 smoking pods or cannabis smoking sections in each of their location where people can smoke pot without disturbing other people who are against it. These pods are specially designed to enclose the smoke so people will not be bothered. Additionally, the facility will be connected to ventilation shafts, which will exhaust the smoke away from diners. McDonalds however made it clear that although they are offering specially designated spaced for smoking cannabis, they will not be selling the drugs in any of their stores. even published on their website, that: “Each pod will not only contain the cannabis smoke within its small space, but will also draw away the smell of the cannabis through a ventilation tube above the pod.”

Additionally, the website states, “Two restaurants in Denver, Colorado have successfully converted the play areas into cannabis smoking sections, with the other 13 franchises to complete renovations by the end of 2015. As for now, McDonald’s will not be getting into the sale of cannabis or cannabis edibles. However, they do welcome their patrons to have a smoke before ordering.”

It has been two years since Colorado government has legalized the use of both medical and recreational cannabis among legal adults. This is a great news for cannabis consumers as they don’t need to be hiding. However, consuming cannabis in public places or in places visible in public views, including McDonalds is still illegal by law.

The legalization of cannabis use in Colorado provides several benefits to the state as it generates large sales tax revenue. Study shows that violent crime rates have also radically decreased since the legalization of the drug. Renewed efforts to study the drug have been very evident as well, making Colorado an epicenter for cannabis research.

Not too long ago, the people of Denver fought to let people smoke cannabis in public places such as bars, pubs and other social places. However, their efforts did not pay off when the proposal was abolished due to fear that this might push the lawmakers to make cannabis an illegal drug again in Colorado.

So before cannabis smokers get too excited about this news, you need to know that this news is nothing more than an elaborate HOAX. While the article found in Now8News website did not come with any disclaimer, it is a well-known fake news site disguised as a local television site. The article came with a photoshopped image of a McDonald’s location with cannabis pods.

We’ve found out that this HOAX started out when McDonald’s announced that they will be offering a breakfast menu all-day. In a twitter post dated October 6, 2015, McDonald’s announced their menu change it reads, “It doesn’t matter how we did it, what’s important is it’s here.”

The writers behind the hoax article took advantage of the new promotion. While most people are already abuzz about the launch of the McDonald’s all-day breakfast, they made it a point to issue something more intriguing. And they have actually succeeded since the original article has been shared more than 140,000 times.

So while many people were very excited about the (hoax) news, let us all be happy about the real McDonald’s news, which is the all-day breakfast. Yay! According to McDonald’s top brass in the US, Mike Andres, their decision to make their breakfast menu available all day was purely due to insistent demand from patrons.

Andres explained, via the Wall Street Journal, “This is the consumers’ idea. This is what they want us to do. That’s why I think this could be the catalyst for our turnaround.”

With a consistent sales decline for three years in a row now, the company thought this promotion will not only benefit their customers, but will also help them gain their market share as well.

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