The Trendiest Restaurants and Bars in New York Today

New York is the place to be if you’re serious about dining in the trendiest places, and you certainly can’t go wrong n Mimi’s Café or Shogun, but the Big Apple has a lot more to offer. Now it’s true there several fine restaurants in New York and you could literally spend days trying each one out, but as any connoisseur will tell you, the following are at the top of the trending list today.

Black Seed

Located at 170 Elizabeth St, a lot of hype surrounded the Black Seed when it was announced, but this is one place that really delivers. Simply put, Black Seed makes some of, if not the, best bagels in the Big Apple. Thanks to careful preparation and fine choice of ingredients, they’ve managed to produce bagels that are properly sized, chewy and perfectly wood-fired.

The bagels are delicious and come with a unique honey-tinged sweetness, but it doesn’t end there as the shop also offers a variety of toppings including tobiko cream cheese and beet-cured lox, to classics like smoked trout. While you’re there, go order a toasted sesame bagel with smoked trout and butter and the #3 sandwich with butter lettuce, salmon and tobiko spread.


Emily is at Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and it’s as well known for its pizzas as the hip hop and 90s music played in the background. It’s a fun place to be, and the place, run by couple Matt and Emily Hyland, has become trendy thanks to its chewy and charred pizzas. One of the top favorites here is the truffle-covered, all white pizza generously laced with pistachios, mozzarella and some honey too. Honey isn’t something you always associate with pizza, but it works here and balances the pickled chilies and tomato sauce nicely.

There’s no shortage of pizza choices here, but Emily isn’t limited to it, and you should also try some of their delicious pastas, in particular the trumpets with duck ragu flavored with some nutmeg. Finally, there’s something for your sweet tooth as well, with chocolate and marshmallows waiting in the wings.


The next time you’re in the East Village, drop by Narcissa and get a taste of their fantastic spit roasted beet, and you’ll never settle for anything less again. The head chef is John Fraser, and he makes sure that all the ingredients come from a privately owned Manhattan farm with plenty of juicy and flavorful vegetables.

The secret to the beets lies in the preparation, as it’s slow roasted for 5 hours and is served with horseradish cream and dill oil. The result is a finely balanced and “earthy’ beet that’s become the talk of the town. If you’re dropping by the place, ask for the “chef counter” so you’ll be able to see just how ricotta, figs, prosciutto with oversized tweezers are made.

Narcissa also has a lot of meats on the menu, but your options aren’t limited to chicken and meat as there’s plenty of veggies and carrots with cardamom and cumin for flavoring. Finally, there’s no better way to end your meals than with a toasted-fennel cheesecake, or maybe some thyme ice cream sundae and Meyer lemon.

Ivan Ramen

Ivan Ramen is at the Lower East Side, and since this Japanese themed restaurant opened in May it’s been the center of attention. There was plenty of hype surrounding the place, and it’s certainly delivered thanks to noodles like the Triple-Pork Triple-Garlic Mazemen, which packs a ton of flavor, and also Orkin’s rye noodles which have a distinctly earthy taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

But there’s more to Ivan Ramen than just noodles, as it also boasts of plated foods like the scrapple waffle done oknomiyaki style. If that’s not enough you should try their chicken liver bites or fried chicken jazzed up with some honey mustard, and once you get a taste of these you’ll never look at chicken nuggets the same way again. You may also want to order the pickled daikon radish with scallop chili and dried shrimp.


Decoy is one of the most popular restaurants in West Village, and justifiably so. Run by Joe Ng and Ed Schoenfeld, it boasts of the city’s finest dumplings, pastrami egg rolls as well as other Chinese food classics including snow pea leaf and shrimp dumplings. But there’s no question that the centerpiece here are its Peking Ducks, which you must reserve in advance for cooking to order purposes. Yes, they don’t flash fry or reheat the birds, so it tastes much better, the meat is moister and the skin is at its crispy best.

When it comes to restaurants, it’s hard to top New York, and there’s always something new available. If you haven’t been to any of these locations before, it’s about time you dropped by and see what you’re missing.

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