The Top 15 Greatest American Dishes

When we talk of American food, a lot of things come to mind. Since the United States is a very large country and is a melting pot of different cultures, the collection of food and delicacies that can define what American food is can be very diverse.

It is not all about burgers, hot dogs, wings, fries, and everything fried. America is also associated with many other healthy and impressive stuff too. While it is very difficult to choose the best, we have identified the Top 15 dishes that we think deserve to be called the epitome of American food. The list is in no particular order as that will definitely be a challenge as well.

15 Uniquely American Food Items

1.Key Lime Pie

This is considered to be the official pie of Florida as it started in the Florida Keys, giving the pie its name that is known worldwide. It is basically a pie made of Key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust.

2.Pot Roast

The pot roast can easily be considered as one of the country’s greatest comfort foods. Family dinners and special gatherings will not be complete with this dish made with beef brisket, potatoes, carrots, onions, and all their delicious simmering juices.

3.Chicken Fried Steak

Just thinking of a slab of tenderized steak breaded in seasoned flour and then pan fried can make you almost smell this American dish. It goes best with mashed potatoes, peas, and of course, a peppery white gravy that goes perfectly on top.


This is another comfort food that was probably part of every American’s childhood. It is very common that almost every mom in the US has their own version that can be considered as a great family recipe.

5.Macaroni and Cheese

The mac and cheese can either be made from a box  or made from scratch. It does not even matter because the dish tastes good any way. Even the finicky toddlers love it.

6.Potato Chips

Being one of America’s favorite snacks, there are so many varieties of potato chips available in the market these days. But, the first nationally marketed brand was Lay’s Potato Chips. It later merged with Frito, giving us the famous potato chips that we love.

7.Peanut Butter Sandwich

Some love it creamy while some love it chunky. Some eat it with jelly while some like it with sliced bananas. No matter how you want yours, one thing is for sure, everyone loves a good peanut butter sandwich.

8.Fried Chicken and Waffles

Fried chicken can come in different forms – nuggets, fingers, popcorn, bites, patties,or various chicken parts. It has become a staple offering in many fast foods all over the country. If you want to experience it at its best, eat it with waffles.


This list will not be complete without the ultimate campfire food, the s’mores. Everyone loves the gooey, melty, warm, and sweet combination of graham crackers, chocolate, and of course, marshmallows.

10.Barbecue Ribs

We love our ribs, whether they are made from pork or beef and whether they are slathered or smoked. Nothing beats eating delicious ribs by hand and devouring the meat that falls off the bones.

11.BLT Sandwich

While most Americans love ham sandwich, making it the number one on the list of American’s preferred sandwiches, nobody can resist the lovely combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomato on bread. It is so great that it goes by its initials and not many sandwiches are given that privilege.

12.Chicago-style Pizza

What makes this particular type of pizza unique is the fact that it is inches deep, making it look more like a casserole or a pie rather than the regular pizza that we are used to. It is piled high, with the perfect combination of buttery crust, lots of meat, cheese, tomato sauce, and Italian spices.

13.Philly Cheese Steak

This sandwich is not just an ordinary one because it is made with frizzled beef that is chopped while on the grill, onions, and cheese, laid into a long Amoroso bun. The only thing that needs to be noted is that this is a greasy sandwich, but that makes it even more American.

14.Hot dogs

This is undoubtedly an iconic American food as a baseball game or a summer cookout will not be complete without it. Americans love hot dogs that there is even a hot dog eating contest that occurs every fourth of July since 1916.

15.Thanksgiving Dinner

Of course, nothing is more American than the food served during a Thanksgiving Dinner, which more or less consists of roasted turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

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