The Kim and Kanye Kulinary Kollection

Everyone seems curious about Kim and Kanye plus the whole extended Kardashian clan. So of course it’s natural to wonder where they tend to dine out. After all, it’s fun to try to eat what celebrities chomp on. And as a bonus, you may get your complimentary Kim and Kanye sighting to complete the evening.

So if you want that chance to bump into the celebrity duo one fine evening, better make your reservations at the following restaurants:

Cecconi’s. Be warned: this is exclusive club high above the Sunset Strip at the corner of Robertson Boulevard and Melrose Avenue is for members only. But since this is LA, you may know someone who knows someone who is close to a member.

But once you’re in, you’ll quickly realize exactly why the K and K duo love this place. It’s a secluded area, and you can pop in anytime for a terrific relaxing meal. They serve dishes from northern Italy including handmade pasta and seafood with only the freshest and best ingredients. Your settings options include a patio lined with plants, a dining room with a marble floor, and the somewhat private Butterfly Room.

Casa Vega. This place is so famous that you’ll probably find many other celebrities here besides Kim and Kanye. This Mexican restaurant has been a landmark in the San Fernando Valley for more than half a century. It was established by Ray Vega in 1956 after his parents opened a successful restaurant in downtown LA.

Today, Ray’s daughter Christy Vega is leading the charge while maintaining its traditional principles. They offer a private and dimly lit ambience while serving authentic tasty dishes. They offer delicious traditional Mexican fare using the freshest ingredients, and the portions are massive. Enjoy their house-made mojitos and margaritas, and the night is complete with or without a Kardashian sighting.

Bill’s Food & Drink. You’d never think that a restaurant with such a simple name can be a fave celeb hangout, until you see the prices. Then you’ll realize that indeed you’d have to be rich and famous to afford to get a full meal in this place. It’s actually more of a club than anything else, but their seafood towers and steak are just excellent. This is the essence of New American Cuisine.

Chateau Mormont. If the name of the restaurant seems familiar to you, that’s because Mormont is the House of the feisty Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones. But this is also well known among the glitterati, as the hotel first opened its doors in 1927.

The place is famed for its relaxed ambience as well as for the old-fashioned Hollywood glamor. It’s more Kim’s fave place than Kanye, but then again those two tend to go out together. The patio is ringed with palm trees, and when you come in for lunch or dinner you may find other celebs like Robert Pattinson (more known as Edward of Twilight) and Scarlett Johansson. Inside, the atmosphere is decidedly posh and comfy living room, with its overstuffed couches.

If you go in, never mind the celebs though. You have got to try their crispy pig, served Peking Duck-style along with crunchy garnishes and steamed buns. Another dish you just have to try is the ribs glazed with honey and served with lotus root. If you’re a seafood fan, you have to get the delicately prepared steamed snapper with the seasonal mushrooms.

Fig & Olive. Just in case the name of the place didn’t clue you in, here the cuisine depends greatly on olive oil for the food preparation. The dishes come mainly from the usual suspects: Italy, Spain, and France. So right there you know there’s a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

It’s easy to see why celebs (and even mortals like yourself) love this place. The dining area is huge. The marble bar seats 50 patrons, while the dining room comes with an olive tree in the center of everything and cushioned booths all around. Upstairs, the lounge offer an airy terrace and a nice view of the diners and celebs below. What famous folks like Kim and Kanye especially like is that there’s also a private entrance through which they can sneak in and out.

Dan Tanas. The Kim and Kanye duo have been spotted frequently in this West Hollywood Italian restaurant. It offers a definitely old-school vibe, and its history is filled with the patronage of famous actors and musicians ever since 1963. Celebrities keep coming in here, and you may also find Lindsay Lohan, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, and Sean Penn.

So make sure you get your reservations in these places early, and prepare a large budget. When it comes to the Kardashians, you have to be prepared for a superstar lifestyle at least for one night.

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