The Jetsetter Guide to the Top New Restaurants for 2017

You’re rich, you’re bored, you have a jet, and you’re a foodie. So where do you plan to go this year for the best gourmet experience you can possibly get? If your schedule still isn’t set, you may want to set aside some time in your 2017 fine dining schedule for the following new restaurants found all over the world.

Dubai, Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, Burj Al Arab

Dubai has always enjoyed a rather cosmopolitan image, and topnotch restaurants have been popping up there to take advantage of the wealthy residents. One of the more recent of these celeb restaurateurs is British chef Nathan Outlaw. He has garnered a stellar reputation in the UK due to his fabulous seafood dishes. Now Outlaw is venturing internationally, and Dubai is his first try.

Once you come in here in the Al Mahara Restaurant, you will get that unmistakable seafood vibe. That’s most like due to the huge aquarium that spans from the floor to the ceiling. Inside, you have more than 30 kinds of fish available so you know they’re fresh.

The menu also features some of the fave food items from Outlaw’s native Cornwall. You must try the brill cured with citrus, the raw scallops, and the delectable crispy oysters with caviar.

New York, White Gold

Here’s another famous British chef doing well overseas. This time it’s April Bloomfield, who has already proven her worth in NYC with the iconic The Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village. Now she has another new venture with White Gold.

It’s located on the Upper West Side, and the full-service restaurant offers 38 in-demand seats. The place also functions as a butcher’s shop so you can also get your own fresh meat.

So what should you order? A cut like the beef heart is always good. Then you need to try the smoked lamb shoulder, with bone broth and fermented pickles.

Northland, Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso is located at Helena Bay in Northland, New Zealand, and if you’re rich you can have your pick of the various luxury lodges there. The views are awesome, but then they’re matched by the inspired cuisine. Now the region’s culinary reputation is shining even brighter with Michael Martino and his team. They’re the ones responsible for the famous Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890 in Italy.

Here in the Helena Bay version of Don Alfonso, the classic Italian dishes are tinged with New Zealand influences for a truly unique taste like linguine with zucchini and clams.

In fact, you can go for the degustation menu with 6 courses. You may want to go every night, since the menu changes each time you visit. They promise an “estate to plate” cuisine, as the property includes many acres for their gardens.

Los Angeles, Sushi Ginza Onodera

Sushi Ginza Onodera is already well-established in New York. But since you’re after something new, you have to jet across the country to the latest location. Here the Michelin-starred omakase-style sushi place has the chefs preparing their masterpieces right in front of you.

Sushi Ginza Onodera is certainly worthy of your trust. The fish isn’t farmed, as they’re all wild. They’re also flown daily straight from Japan, so you have the ideal produce for master chef Yohei Matsuki.

You’ll have to go to lunch somewhere else, as it’s only open for dinner. You also better schedule your reservation far in advance since it only has 16 seats. At least not everyone will be flocking to the place since it charges $300 per person. As a bonus, that amount already includes the tip.

Cape Town, La Tête

South Africa has boosted its image ever since it hosted the World Cup, and many more have become aware of the many wonderful restaurants on famous Bree Street. If you’ve been there before, you need to come back to sample the offerings of La Tête.

This is a French bistro, and the underlying culinary concept is about “nose to tail” dining. This means you should be very daring in your gustatory exploration, because “nose to tail” is about dining on parts of the animal that may not be all that familiar to you.

The menu changes every day, so every day is an adventure. Rumor has it that the crispy pig tails is a must-try dish.

Bali, Grow

If you’re into wellness, it doesn’t mean that your dining options are necessarily bland and boring. Not if you try Ryan Clift’s offerings. After successfully launching his own restaurant in Singapore, he’s now aiming his sights at Bali. His new Grow restaurant is located at the L Hotel Seminyak.

Here the idea is to offer healthy dining options for the whole day. It’s certainly slated to be a hit since Bali is filled with lots of wellness devotees.

So where are you jetting off to for 2017? Tell us of any new restaurant which you think should be part of this list.

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