The Good the Bad and the Ugly in the Burger Industry

The American hamburger industry has its own version of the old western film’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It is like the WWE with its good, the bad and the villains.

How bad or villainous a burger is, has nothing to do with quality. It is with genuine intent to “appetize” or disgust every possible burger loving personality in America.

Only in America, so they say, where all the crazy burger loving fans exist and dwell. Remember only in America; where crazy is cool and bad is good.

The Good

Most Americans watch their diet. It’s the one of the first states that required food proprietors to present a full calorie profile of what they selling.

For our version of The Good, we have Cheddar’s or Pizza Express.

It’s an all American chain that specializes in burgers, steaks and seafood. Aside from its burgers, Cheddar’s is best known for their under 575 calories menu.

Fitness enthusiast and health conscious calorie counters are not confined to the salad bars, organic stores and delis. Most healthy eating enthusiasts will agree that there’s room for the all American burger on Mr. and Ms. Fit’s plate. A whole week of healthy eating becomes even more attainable with the anticipation of a “not so” cheat day.

When we say “not so” we mean that it’s a day where you allow yourself to enjoy the juicy and meaty patties on a conservative level.

If you are one who lives and advocates the fitness and the healthy lifestyle, it is best to have your cheeseburger cheat days at Cheddar’s where size-wise and calorie-wise, the burgers are as good or even better tasting than other burger chains which makes one wonder; How can they make those good burgers taste so fresh and yummy without being totally evil in the kitchen?

Well, secrets are meant to be kept especially good recipes. But there’s one secret that should not be sealed in a tight lip; Cheddar’s cheeseburger is one of the best tasting good burgers you will find in the U.S.

The Bad

In country where bad means good, for our version of The Bad, we have Chili’s or Rock Bottom Grille and Bar.

While Chili’s have most of the American favorites, they have an entire section solely devoted to burgers which they call Craft Burgers featuring savory beef patties presented with fresh ingredients and a special Chili’s sauce.

Their newest concoction, a must try, is the Sweet and Smokey Burger which is topped with melted pepper Jack cheese over applewood bacon and fresh lettuce and tomato. It also features a newly concocted mango-infused smoky BBQ sauce making sure that no other burger on the planet will taste like it and offer the same satisfaction.

And of course, they have their regulars: Southern Smokehouse Burger, Guacamole Burger, Big Mouth Bites, Classic Bacon Burger, Old Timer with Cheese and just your basic Old Timer.

If every day is a cheat day, then Chili’s will be the best choice for you. Just in case you have companions who don’t fancy burgers for the day, at least, Chili’s will have a full menu for that eventuality.

The Ugly

…And the “baddest” of them all; Heart Attack Grille.

This is probably the only restaurant that discourages people to dine there.

With waitresses dressed as nurses and customer are referred to patients and obliged to wear hospital gowns, it should be the worst idea for a burger joint’s atmosphere but it’s not.

With the burgers termed as single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass and quadruple bypass and, where the free unlimited fries are called flat liners, it should be a scary place to have a burger binge but, it’s not.

For a place where you get real paddle board spanking for not finishing your quadruple bypass burger, people should be staying away from this burger carnival but, they’re not.

Being the restaurant that contributed to the fatality of people over 350 pounds for being given free giant burger meals every day, it should be the most morbid place to be caught stuffing patties of beef, but it’s not.

With an owner who openly declares that they have the deadliest burgers and fries cooked in lard, a restaurant proprietor who says it’s dangerous to dine in his establishment; people are still going in by the dozens.

Every dietician and health doctor would love to go to Heart Attack Grille and burn the place down like what the town’s folks did to Frankenstein’s Castle but, they won’t. They probably go there too. Like they say; “Only in America.”

If there are extreme sports, Heart Attack Grille is where you’ll find the most extreme players in the cheeseburger industry.

Whether it’s the good burger, the Bad burger or, the ugly burger, what’s not to love about burgers? With beer, it’s the all American meal. With a thick milk shake, it’s the all American kids’ meal. It’s juicy; it’s tasty and dangerous enough for a life’s adventure.

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