The Biggest Fast Food New Stories of 2015

We all know that fast food has always been a convenient topic for many food critics. Health experts claim that fastfood restaurants are serving food that contribute greatly to the worldwide obesity epidemic. Food critics, on the other hand, lambast them for the comparatively inferior taste of their meals.

But fast food joints like McDonald’s and Burger King maintain their success and popularity because people find their menu offerings simple and affordable. They’re the ultimate in comfort food, and we spend billions of dollars enjoying the taste of burgers, pizzas, and gourmet coffee. Add the convincing power of effective marketing, and we are all well and truly hooked.

So when we read news about our favorite fast-food joints, we can’t help but become affected. After all, fast food brands are like family members—we love them, and we do care what happens to them.

So here then are the top news reports regarding fast food brands in 2015:

  1. McDonald’s finally serves all-day breakfast across the US. For years, Americans have been clamoring for the chance to get some McMuffins and other breakfast fare past the usually 10:30 AM deadline. After all, breakfast according to some is the most important meal of the day, right? So should it be available at any time?

There are plenty of reasons why so many people wanted this. Some simply ate breakfast late, especially when they’ve had a long night. So if they wake up at noon, it stands to reason that they won’t be able to get their McDonald’s breakfast within the usual time period. Others, on the other hand, just like the taste of the breakfast food, so they may have it for lunch or for an afternoon snack.

In any case, at least now McDonald’s has shown that they sometimes listen to their customers. After all, they’ve been clamoring for this service for years! At least it’s better late than never. Although the service got off to a rather rocky start, it has proven quite effective in bringing in new customers for the popular fast food brand. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, the all-day availability of hotcakes, Egg McMuffins, and sausage biscuits have attracted customers who have not visited the fast food joint for the prior month.

  1. Fast food crazy colors. Fast food brands are notorious for employing the most unlikely gimmicks to catch the attention of hungry patrons. Now in 2015 they’ve started to use colors as a way to really get into the news. It sounds crazy when you first hear it, but fast food brands have started to color their buns!

Burger King seemed to have started this trend, which actually began back in 2014 in Japan. Burger King Japan made news with its announcement that they would start selling Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl burgers. That means the buns are jet-black, and the sauce and cheese have also been blackened as well.

A week later, McDonald’s Japan countered with its own black burger: the Squid Ink Burger. The color comes from actual squid ink! And this wasn’t the first time McDonald’s dabbled in black burgers. McDonald’s China was famous for offering Black and White Burgers, which didn’t quite click with Chinese diners.

Anyway, back in Japan Burger King upped the ante by introducing the Aka Burger. Aka in Japanese means red. And then in China, McDonald’s launched its gray burger bun. KFC in China joined the color fray as well, when it started selling burgers with pink buns.

Now if only these gimmicky burgers limited their wacky colors to their buns, we’d be satisfied. Unfortunately, the Halloween Whopper from Burger King also turned people’s poop green. And we know this because the “victims” shared their photographic evidence on Twitter!

  1. Unholy unions. September 21 is the International Peace Day, and to celebrate it Burger King sent a proposal to its bitter archenemy McDonald’s to combine the iconic Whopper and Big Mac into a special charity edition sandwich for one day only. Burger King was apparently serious, since they even took out full-page ads in the New York Times and Chicago Tribune to call attention to their proposal. McDonald’s, however, was unmoved, and the war rages on to this day.

In the Philippines, however, KFC did manage to combine two dishes that seemed destined to be separate forever—fried chicken and pizza. KFC Philippines introduced the “Chizza”, and this unholy alliance has provoked a wide range of reactions online, from intrigue and interest to disdain and outright disgust.

  1. War on Christmas. In an effort to be subtle and understated, Starbucks launched its minimalist 2015 holiday cups. It was a bright red cup with the green Starbucks logo on the side, with white caps on top. Apparently, it wasn’t cheerful enough for some folks, and they said that Starbucks has launched a War on Christmas!

With news like these, who needs fiction, right? Here’s hoping 2016 gives us even better news and stranger reports!

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