Key Elements to Preparing a Great Hamburger

The Anatomy of A Burger

When it comes to burgers, every people in the world has an opinion to say.

People will argue that a perfect burger depends on the meat, how it was cooked or if it’s grilled or fried while some will fight that its all about the buns and the sides.

Many burger competitions all over the country have already tried to help competitors and consumers alike to pick which is the best burger but of course, everyone still has something to say once the winner is announced.

With all the top lists out there, which one should we consider THE best one, really? Experts have come up with best solution by deconstructing how a perfect burger is made, starting with the most important ingredients down to the very last relish.

Burger To Bun Ratio

Big buns are the best choices but it will definitely need to be countered by an adequate supply of meat.

All burger eater savors every bite so the ratio should mean that there is meat whenever a bite is made. Each bite of burger should have both meat and bun in it, otherwise there’s nothing to make the burger eater happy.

Meat Quality

Flavor, amount of fat, and thickness of the beef patties are the criteria for making the best quality of meat.

With the presence of subtle herb in the grilling process up to the crunchy-edged perfection will not only make the customer happy but the chef as well.

It’s never advisable to use ready-made patties or frozen patties because, really, it’ll just waste the quality of the burger.

Bacon Goodness

Bacon makes everything good so a perfect burger really needs to have it.

Bacon can provide that smoky goodness that all burger fans love. It should be well done but not crispy and an added fat or stringy feel is never a good sign.

Freshly Made Buns, Never White Ones

It is better to make sure that what you use on your burgers are freshly-baked and just got out of the oven. Artisan breads are recommended but store-bought is okay as long as they are not white bread.

The white, fluffy and sugary types that can be easily bought in the supermarkets can give your burger an awful taste and sometimes, perfectly cooked meat can never save your burger.

Caramelized Onions

The sweetness of the onions when caramelized are just perfect, you can never eat burgers with freshly sliced onions. The taste and feel are just too different to even be considered as a part of this list.

Deconstructing the perfect burger means only the best are included. So say goodbye to the freshly-sliced onions and say hello to the future with slightly caramelized onions.

Red Tomato, Crunchy Lettuce

Those vegetables that come in between are more than added bonus because they can actually make or break a burger. If you use an overripe tomato, the taste of the burger may change. If you use limp lettuce, the taste of the burger may change.

With everything that you add in your burger, make sure they bring out the best out of the dish instead of ruining the meal for you.


Sweet, tangy, and ah-so delicious, these should be the words that will come out of your mouth once you take a bite out of your burger. Make sure they are freshly-made because store bought ones will just not do it for the perfect burger.

Grill Time

Whether it’s rare, medium, or well-done, the grilling time of the burger is very important for every burger fans out there. It can determine the juiciness and savory of the meat plus it can also provide your burger its distinct flavor, taken from the type of wood used.


Burger texture can be difficult to define. But the most important thing every grill fan needs to know is a soggy bun with limp lettuce, wet tomato and chewy meat is definitely not the makings of a perfect burger.

A perfect burger should have the right bite and should be oozing with goodness. The buns are not too soft or hard, the meat is perfectly cooked, the relish is not too sour or sweet, and all the sides are freshly-made.


Make sure that your burger doesn’t have that nasty over-packed look than can scare away burger eaters. Just add the right amount of relish, condiments, fresh vegetables, and cheese plus an amazing size of meat, then you are good to go.

If you are looking for the perfect burger, then head out to Umami Burger. They are competing in the Best Burger in America and for a new comer, they will take on other established burger joints in the country. You’ll know a burger place is good when it has been given the privilege to be included even as nominees in the Best Burger in America competition

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