The 7 Most Expensive Restaurants in the US (Based on a 2015 Survey)

Eating out is one way to relax and eliminate the stress from your job. But at times, the joy of the occasion is forgotten as soon as you are presented with the bill. Although it is true that delicious food tends to cost a lot, it does not always mean all expensive food is delicious. Anyway, if you are someone who wants to avoid restaurants that cost a fortune, here’s a list you should be aware of:

1. Masa in New York City

Chef Masa Takayama’s pays attention to details creating artful dishes that turned his restaurant into a dining experience his competitors can’t beat. Dinersmasa-new-yorkconsider their experience as something truly unforgettable because the dishes served here are truly “works of art.” However, these artful food creations come with a high price tag. Expect to fork out $450 per person and that’s before tips.

2. Urasawa in Beverly Hills

Located along North Rodeo Drive, Urasawa’s Sushi bar is also known for its artfully presented dishes plus its delectable multi-course menu served with premium desserts. Many sushi aficionados really enjoy the creations of Chef-owner Urasawa. But some reviewers found the service to be inferior and their starting price too high at around $390 per person before tip.

3. Per Se in New York City

Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurant won the James Beard award for outstanding service and it is considered one of the best restaurants in the world. Per Se has a very beautiful ambiance overlooking Central Park. You will be dining on a nine-course meal that cost around $310 before tip. A seven-course meal offering seasoned vegetable tasting is offered by the resto with the same price tag.

4. The French Laundry in California

Chef Thomas Keller is renowned for his beautiful food creations and fine cuisine. Reviewers agree that the place lives up to its lofty reputation and their food basically melts in your mouth. Expect to pay around $270 per person and that excludes tips.

5. Alinea in Chicago

Their seasonally driven tasting single menu of around 18 and 22 courses is quite an experience. Many say the food served here is fun and “emotionally provocative.” Dining in Alinea is an affair to remember and it will cost around $210 per person.

6. Joël Robuchon in Vegas

This French restaurant is the very first Michelin Three-Starred restaurant in Las Vegas. Expect to pay at least $120 for a two course meal which is quite low compared to other expensive fine dining establishments.

7. Moto in Chicago

Chef Homaro Cantu’s Moto is a world-renowned leader in modern gastronomy. Both a chef and inventor, Cantu is challenges transcending culinary conventions. With his indoor farm, Chef Cantu certainly makes unique food creations. Price tag per person is around $175 and that’s before wine or tip.

The good news is that there are many good restaurants everywhere serving great tasting but inexpensive menus.

BJ’s Restaurants, Inc. owns and operates 159 casual dining restaurants and operates several brewpubs that produce and distribute BJ’s beers throughout the chain. BJ’s has over 120 menu choices so there are lots of choices for everyone. Its menu offers a wide variety, bold flavors, and an eclectic experience with salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, steaks, ribs plus famous pizza, and signature desserts. There are over 30 lunch and dinner entrees just under $10.

Folks Southern Kitchen is a family-friendly local chain serving home-style fried chicken, seafood, and ribs. All Folks restaurants were created to serve great food, large portions at moderate prices in a fun and friendly way. Foods made fresh for you and served in a 100% smoke-free restaurant. Kids are special at Folks and they can eat off Kids $3.99 Menu all day and every day. Most food costs below $10.00.

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