The 10 Most Popular Steakhouses in the City by the Bay

San Francisco, California is known for a lot of things, namely the Golden State Bridge, cool summers, foggy mornings, cable cars, and its Chinatown district downtown. While most tourists love to see this city for its landmarks and hot spots, another reason to visit San Fran is for its delicious and mouth-watering steaks. Grilled to perfection and accompanied by the rarest, most exquisite array of wines, it is safe to say that you have never tried the best until you have eaten it at SF.

However, as there are already several restaurants popping up in the city, claiming that they offer the “best beef in town,” many customers are confused and overwhelmed as to where exactly to go. To help you find your way to the door of the best restaurants that offer steaks around town, here is a list of the top ten best and most popular steakhouses in San Francisco as rated by locals and food bloggers.

10) Izzy’s Steakhouse & Chops

Started in 1987, this locally owned steakhouse is one of the favorite places for Midwestern chops and steaks of San Franciscans. They only serve corn-fed cattle and their famous New York Steaks are aged to perfection, going at least 21 days to preserve the juiciness and flavor of the beef.

9) Morton’s The Steakhouse

This award-winning steakhouse serves only the best beef available in the country, using prime aged beef that has passed the grading system of the US Department of Agriculture. Tender, juicy and very flavorful, prime beef at Morton’s The Steakhouse is aged for 23 days to almost a month, depending on what cut the client requests. Besides the terrific steak, the restaurant also serves freshly caught seafood like colossal shrimps, oysters on shells, and Alaskan king crabs to delight the taste buds of both the locals and tourists.

8) Leatherneck Steakhouse

If a restaurant is located in a place where the US Marine Corps eat, then chances of it serving the best steaks are tremendously high as nothing beats beef in feeding the toughest men of this country. Besides the elegant gastronomical experience, the view of the city that the Leatherneck Steakhouse provides its customers is exquisitely romantic. A perfect place for celebrating special events, this fine dining rooftop restaurant of San Fran should be included in every foodie’s list to eat at when in the city.

7) Osso Steakhouse

This restaurant explains the common mistake beef-lovers make and that is to identify what is a very good steak from a great steak. Boasting of 100% USDA Prime and Certified Angus Beef offerings, Osso Steakhouse believes that while aging beef for 21 days makes it a very good steak, customers should truly wait for it to be a great steak before trying it out. Their secret lies in partnering with specialized facility so they can only offer the best “great steak” in the San Francisco area.

6) BullsHead Steakhouse

Serving Genuine Bison since 1979, this restaurant only offers the highest, best quality meats and seafoods available in the industry. All their steaks are hand-cut onsite to maintain freshness, juiciness, and flavor. BullsHead Steakhouse chose bison to be its main attraction because the owners believe it is a healthier red meat, making it the perfect choice for everyone including those who watch their weight.5) Alexander’s Steakhouse

Situated in the SoMa area of the city, this steakhouse only offers beef that came from small farms from Australia, Japan and in the US. Besides dry-aging their featured Prime Beef from Greater Omaha for 28 days, Alexander’s Steakhouse also offers the exquisite wagyu beef. This place is only of the few steakhouses that have been licensed and certified to serve and offer Authentic Kobe beef.

4) Harris’ The San Francisco Restaurant

With elegance, sophistication, and traditional dining experience, Harris’ The San Francisco Steakhouse hopes to continue what the Grison’s Steakhouse provided the local community when it was built on the very same landmark that is 2100 Van Ness Avenue. Offering the finest Mid-Western Angus beef anyone can ask for, this restaurant’s dry-aging process involves three weeks within the premises, ensuring that all the flavor and juice of the beef are intact. Currently one of the winners of the “2015 Diner’s Choice” award, it is no wonder this place remains to be a household name in the city when it comes to finest steaks.

3) 5A5 Steak Lounge

Traditional steak meets modernity and style, this is the concept that 5A5 Steak Lounge wishes to impart on it’s customers. Serving only the best and highest quality of steaks coming from all over the globe, like the Kobe beef from Australia, the Angus Beef from the US, and the elusive, Wagyu beef from Japan. Vegetarians or non-meat eaters may also enjoy their stay in this one-of-a-kind steakhouse because the menu is amenable to offering seafoods and other non-red meat choices.

2) Boboquivari’s

Another winner of the “2015 Diner’s Choice” award, Bobo’s offers the most exquisite meat, steaks and crabs in the San Fran area. A trendy place with red walls, beautiful glass fixtures, and stylish table runners, this steakhouse can be comparable to an antique Venetian jewelry box that can exhibit a complementing fusion of Italy and Asia. Dry-aged for a month up to six weeks, their USDA-approved prime beef is truly a magnificent taste in the mouth.

1) House of Prime Rib

Also within the historic Van Ness Avenue area, House of Prime Rib takes the lead because of it’s juicy, corn-fed beef that are not only juicy but firm, high-quality and with presence of the perfect marbling in red meat. The interiors of the place also provides a cozy, English atmosphere for customers to enjoy while sipping the perfectly-paired glass of wine. Joe Betz, the owner of the restaurant, believes the quality of their food is often imitated but, like in fashion or anything else, they can never fully duplicate the original.

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