The 10 Best Food Trucks in NYC

Food trucks became popular among busy workers during their lunch breaks, but some of them offer a standard of quality that a foodie will appreciate. They’re not just cheap and accessible eats—they can be among the best foods you’ve tried.

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck. This is a pizzeria in Long Island, but their truck offers pizza to the Financial District workers in Manhattan. You have the choice of 10- and 16-inch thin crust pizza slices, and you can vote on a daily pizza special.

The Morris Truck. This is arguably the best food truck that offers grilled cheese sandwiches. They’re very careful with their ingredients, and they source them from local farms. You need to try the classic grilled cheese, with its hint of sea salt and a cup of tomato bisque.

Tacos Morelos. Residents of the outer boroughs have long been familiar with the tasty and cheap offerings of this food truck. When you see this truck park, you must try the breaded chicken torta or the steak burrito. The servings are massive, too. Order a dish late at night, and you’ll have some leftover for breakfast.

Luke’s Lobster. There’s really no such thing as cheap lobster in NYC, not even from a food truck. Still, at least you have the option of getting a lobster roll with fresh lobster from Maine for $15. The truck (named Nauti) still works the streets even as the brand continues to grow its brick-and-mortar operations.

Bian Dang. For those with a hankering for dumplings and other Taiwanese fare, this truck is a renowned brand. You must try the zong-zi, which is a combo of chines sausage, pork, and steamed rice. Other fave dishes include fried chicken over rice, hardboiled eggs infused with tea leaves flavors, and anchovies with peanuts. The menu here definitely offers more than just dumplings. This truck can make sure you expand your foodie horizons when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine.

Souvlaki GR. You can identify this truck easily enough with its mural of the Greek islands, though its main identifying mark is really the quality of its Mediterranean cuisine. It’s actually a 2-time Vendy winner, and it’s the favorite truck of many who crave Greek fare. If you want something for lunch that’s both healthy and tasty, there’s no better option here than the charcoal-grilled meat wrapped warm pita, which you should try with just a bit of tzatziki sauce. If you’re a committed vegetarian, your best options here are the spinach and cheese pies.

Wafels & Dinges. They now have a brick and mortar restaurant, but then there’s something about getting waffles on the street on your lunch break. You’ll be amazed at how their waffles taste when they’re smothered in the cookie butter-like spekuloos. Other toppings include nutella, maple syrup, and dulce de leche.

The Cinnamon Snail. Many vegans complain about the relative lack of viable options when it comes to food trucks. But all complaints vanish when the Cinnamon Snail makes an appearance for breakfast. They offer fair trade coffee along with pastries and breakfast platters. They also have a continuously changing seasonal menu for lunch. Try the ancho chili seitan burger or the smoked portobello carpaccio. Just because you’re vegan doesn’t mean you have to pack your lunch every day.

El Olomega. Driven by the Lainez family, this silver and yellow truck offers what’s probably one of the most delicious pupusas you’ll ever have. If you haven’t tried this Salvadoran corn cake called pupusa yet, now’s your chance. The fillers can be cheese, pork, chicken, and jalapeños, and then you also have salsa, pickled cabbage, and sour cream.

Korilla BBQ. The success of the 1st Korilla BBQ truck was nothing short of phenomenal. That’s why there’s now a fleet of these trucks, and their numbers keep growing every year. You’ll identify them easily enough with their orange and black tiger stripes. But what will really get your attention are the food offerings available here. The bulgogi and kimchi combos are amazing, and there’s a wide range of hot sauces to try for your meal. Other options you have to try include the pork, chicken, tofu, and veggie dishes. The tacos are truly spectacular, and it offers a street vibe that’s simply unmistakable.

So who says you need a brick and mortar restaurant for good food? In NYC, even the food trucks offer premium fare, and workers and late night patrons are ever-grateful they live here.

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