Suddenly Popular 2016 Food Items from Major US Cities

We all know that different regions and cities have different tastes. People in NYC don’t exactly have the same culinary preferences with the residents of Austin. However, those tastes change as the years pass, and trends come and go. Sometimes food items suddenly become popular for various reasons.

So here are the dishes and snacks that went through a massive increase in popularity in 2016 from particular cities all over the US.

New York City

New Yorkers have suddenly developed a fondness for barbacoa tacos. Orders for them have increased by 202% compared to 2015 orders.

Mexican barbacoa is traditionally the beef cheek and head. It’s cooked in underground ovens that have been lined with maguey leaves. Back in Mexico, these ovens are located near the slaughterhouses so that the meat is as fresh as possible.

In the US, the term is also used for spicy shredded beef that’s been slowly braised. It’s made tender and then it’s pulled apart.


These Red Sox fans have suddenly had a hankering for kimchi fried rice in 2016. Orders for the dish went up by 142%. Koreans call this “kimchi bokumbop” and it is basically fried rice with kimchi.

But this dish can have an infinite number of variations, which may account for its newfound popularity. Aside from chopped kimchi, other meats and vegetables can be sautéed along with other vegetable options.

Washington D.C.

In the nation’s capital, orders for chana masala more than quadrupled in the last year. It’s also called chole masala, chholay, or channay. This savory Indian chick pea dish is a favorite food in India and Pakistan, and it’s increasingly popular all over the world. It’s the most popular vegetable curry in India, and the increasing number of adherents to vegetarian diets has led to its booming fame.


An increase of 151% has been noticed for orders of Shanghai steamed pork soup dumplings. This dish may be listed as Xiaolongbao in your Chinese restaurant menu. It’s not easy to make at home, and different restaurants have their own ways of preparing them.


Here the people are now asking for more jerk chicken, and orders for it in the city have risen by 244% in 2016. “Jerk” is way of cooking the chicken that originated in Jamaica. Usually, the chicken is wet-marinated or dry-rubbed with Jamaican jerk spice, which is quite a spicy mixture.


This city is enamored with sweet potato fries, and that’s understandable. It’s a very tasty way to enjoy what’s considered a superfood, since even just one sweet potato provides you with vitamin C, fiber, and more than 4 times your daily vitamin A requirement. The number of orders for these fries jumped by 272% in the last year.

St. Louis

Many people regard chicken quesadilla as the ultimate snack food, and the people of St. Louis agree wholeheartedly. Its popularity went up by 377% in 2016.


The Cleveland Cavs finally broke the sports curse on the city with an NBA championship, even though the Indians failed to win the World Series. So how did the people celebrate? They ate more grilled cheese sandwiches. Even though it’s actually easy to prepare at home, it’s affordable enough that orders for it almost tripled in 2016.


The Cubs broke their own long-standing curse in baseball, and here the people rejoiced by consuming more Tonkotsu ramen. Orders for it increased by 176%. This pork ramen is more convenient if you just order it, since you may have to boil the pork bones and fat on high heat for as long as 20 hours. But the wait is worth it, just like the World Series victory.


It’s not surprising that people here love brisket sandwiches. But in the last year, it became even more popular, as the orders increased by 228%.


Houston, we have a problem—we’re running out of chile con queso! Seriously, this Tex-Mex staple enjoyed a massive rise in popularity in the city. The number of orders for it jumped by a whopping 852%!


Chicken tortilla soup has always been popular in Texas. But the people of Dallas have really taken a liking to it, as the demand for it more than tripled in the last year.


Fried pickles have been a recent trend in the fried food niche, and that’s very evident in Denver. Here the people have ordered more of it—176% more, in fact.


No food item suddenly increased in popularity as much as carne asada burrito did in Phoenix. The increase in the number of orders went up by an astounding 943%!

Las Vegas

Place a bet right now that for 2017 garlic naan will be the biggest thing in Vegas. That’s because in 2016 the people there ordered 5 times more of it compared to the 2015 level.

Los Angeles

This is a trendy city, and in 2016 there was a sudden increase demand for spicy scallop roll.
So where do you live, and what food item became trendy there for 2016?

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