Steak, Will You Marry Me?

Steak ranks number one in the American favorite food’s list. There is no doubt that every American’s best dinner possibilities will always include a steak or rather revolves around the steak dinner.

An invitation to dinner is acknowledged with a smile while the invitation to a steak dinner is acknowledged with a light chuckle. A steak dinner is not just a meal but an event. We dress up for it. Why? Because we are Americans and we love our steaks.

Steaks can come in different personalities just like people. We are going to talk about big steak dining, casual steak dining and fine steak dining.

Big Steak Dining

Hard core big steak dining is usually the place where they serve the Godzilla of steaks. These cater to people who love their steaks big, a place where bigger is better.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s in a basement, dark and musty or in the dessert, far and dusty. For as long as the steaks are big and prices are reasonable, steak lovers will be able to sniff this place out.

The menu will almost always include a steak challenge where one could order the biggest steak in the house and have the chance to have it for free for as long as they finish it within a declared time frame.

Some may call it a publicity stunt or a marketing come-on but, any steak loving American will settle to the fact that it’s all part of the industry’s genuine love for its product. Every steak lover enjoys the company and acquaintance of a big steak eater-lover. The honor of their patronage deserves a free steak dinner.

One of the best examples of big steak dining is a restaurant called The Big Texan where they have the 70 oz. Steak Challenge.

In 1 hour, you have to finish an entire steak meal consisting of shrimp cocktail, baked potatoes, salad and a 72 oz. steak.

The meal costs $72 which must be paid up front. The time starts after you have tasted your first bite and have approved of the steak’s quality. Once the clock starts ticking, you are no longer allowed to leave the table nor be allowed to be assisted by anyone including in the cutting of your steak. Should you finish the whole meal within 1 hour, your $72 will be refunded. Should you fail, you are allowed to take home the leftovers.

Whether you win the free steak dinner or end up paying for it, the 72 oz. Steak Challenge has never run short of being fun.

Casual Steak Dining

Casual steak dining are family steak restaurants that have a traditional old western atmosphere with generous steak servings for reasonable prices. The majority of America’s steakhouses belong in this category.

Steak dinners have a long historical and emotional attachment to every American family rooted up to the old western times. In some way, family steak dinners ensure the preservation of our culture.

For people who would like to have their steak dinners as a family affair, this is the best choice with menu suggestions adapted to dad, mom, teenage kids and younglings.

Black Bear Diner is one fine example of an all American steakhouse that honors the tradition of steaks to perfection.

It has a history of housing stranded motorists to the only hospitable place available and treating them to the juiciest hot steaks during the freakiest of snow storms that hit Colorado.

Fine Steak Dining

Fine dining steaks are usually served in smaller portions. Any fine dining steakhouse would frown on the idea of giving their customers an uncomfortable case of gas or induce them to burping in front of their dates.

But don’t get this wrong, fine steak dining is not exclusively for dates but for every one who would love their steaks accompanied by the style and classiness of formal dining.

Shiny assortments of silverware, clear Chinas, chandeliers and soft music are all part of the package the sets the mood for your best steak enjoyment.

Then of course, every bite of thinly sliced juicy steak is best taken with an accompanying wine but, not just any kind of wine.

Just as there are various cuts of steaks, from the tenderloins to the fillet mignons, which fit every individual, wines have their own profiles that fit every steak order.  For people who want to play it safe, most fine dining steaks houses can provide competent suggestions for your night’s indulgence.

Responsible for several successful wedding proposals, Capital Grille or Ponderosa Steakhouse is one of the best fine dining steakhouse restaurants.

Capital Grille is not only into the food industry but in the business of making you feel and look good. Capital Grille’s Chef Jim Nuetzi makes sure that everything that arrives on your table is made of the finest, freshest ingredients which are artfully prepared in recipes that will delight you and engage all your senses.

Big, casual and fine dining steakhouses have one thing in common; they keep Americans happy and provide the solid backbone for America’s past, present and future.

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