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State Meals: A Cross Country Look at Each States Favorite Dish

A lot of politicians talk about states’ rights, but we have the utmost respect for the right of each state to come up with culinary classics to delight the rest of the nation. So we took a good long look to uncover the most iconic dish of each state.

There’s more to American cuisine than just steak. So here are the classic dishes from all across the nation for you to try out!

  1. ALABAMA: Fried Green Tomatoes. Unripe green tomatoes were so ubiquitous in the area that a restaurant in Irondale finally figured out the best way to use them.
  2. ALASKA: Salmon Candy. Strips of Alaskan King Salmon are cured, basted, and baked. The result is a dry sweet and salty jerky with just a tinge of smokiness.
  3. ARIZONA: Pork Chimichanga. This crispy treat filled with meat came as a result of an accident, when a burrito was supposedly dropped in the fryer.
  4. ARKANSAS: Southern Fried Catfish. You get the crunchy and crispy crust when you cook the catfish at an extremely high temperature.
  5. CALIFORNIA: Fish Tacos. The surfers were the first to patronize this classic. It’s deep-fried and flaked, and then offered with fresh fixin’s.
  6. COLORADO: Chile Verde. This pork chili with its understated spiciness is best served with tortilla chips and lime wedges.
  7. CONNECTICUT: New Haven-Style White Clam pizza. Here’s a contender butting in to the great Chicago vs. New York pizza debate. Its thin crust contains garlic, oregano, and olive oil with a dash of cheese and fresh local clams.
  8. DELAWARE: Vinegar French Fries. It’s soaked in vinegar, kept in the fridge, and then fried until golden brown.
  9. FLORIDA: Key Lime Pie. There’s no baking needed when you can just combine the abundant key lime with condensed milk.
  10. GEORGIA: Lattice-Top Georgia Peach Pie. The classic Georgia peach delivers its famous sweet and juicy taste, with just a bit of sugar and spice—and eveyrthing’s nice!
  11. HAWAII. Ahi Poke. Sashimi-grade ahi tuna is marinated and diced, then served with fried wontons and lettuce cups.
  12. IDAHO. Finger Steaks. Fried double-battered sirloin bits served with BBQ sauce.
  13. ILLINOIS: Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza. This deep-dish layered pie with its crispy crust is the state’s answer to New York pizza.
  14. INDIANA: Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. Start by marinating pork tenderloin in spiced buttermilk. Then bread and fry it until it’s brown and crispy. Then stick it between slices of bread for the perfect sandwich.
  15. IOWA: Grilled Sweet Corn on the Cob. Just grill and brush with a dash of garlic butter.
  16. KANSAS: Kansas City-style Ribs. Start with a spicy rub and end with a 15-ingredient BBQ sauce.
  17. KENTUCKY. Kentucky Hot Browns. A baked open-face turkey sandwich, topped with bacon and Mornay sauce.
  18. LOUISIANA. Shrimp Gumbo. The dark roux gives it the flavor.
  19. MAINE: Lobster Roll. It’s all about the fresh lobster, as the celery and seasonings are not included.
  20. MARYLAND. Old Bay Steamed Blue Crabs. Meaty male Jimmies are smothered in Old Bay Seasoning and then steamed.
  21. MASSACHUSETTS. Clam Chowder. Milk chowder filled with bacon, potato chunks, and lots of fresh clams.
  22. MICHIGAN. Michigan Pasty. Beef and veggie meat pies, courtesy of Cornwall and Finland.
  23. MINNESOTA. Hotdish. Just ask for “hoddish”. This veggie casserole is topped with crispy tater tots.
  24. MISSISSIPPI. Mississippi Mud Pie. Crumbly cookie crust supporting rich choco filling.
  25. MISSOURI. Fried Ravioli. Soft cheese on the inside, crispy on the outside, and dipped in marinara sauce.
  26. MONTANA. Huckleberry Pie. This is how you best serve this abundant berry.
  27. NEBRASKA. Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies. Small enough to fit in your hand, and filling enough for lunch.
  28. NEVADA. Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. The ultimate ode to excess, as only the state of Nevada can offer.
  29. NEW HAMPSHIRE. New England Boiled Dinner. It’s tender and moist corned beef, veggies in beef broth, and horseradish sauce.
  30. NEW JERSEY: Pork Roll Sandwich with Egg and Cheese. Start the day on the Jersey shore with pork roll and cheese-smothered egg between toasted buns.
  31. NEW MEXICO: Green Chile Cheeseburger. Turn a regular burger into something special with the state vegetable and lots of cheese.
  32. NEW YORK: Buffalo Wings. Tangy and spicy fried chicken wings.
  33. NORTH CAROLINA. Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich. Tangy vinegar-based pulled pork, with a hint of spice and sweetness.
  34. NORTH DAKOTA. Lefse Potato Crepes. Delicate potato crepe rolls with sugar and butter.
  35. OHIO: Buckeyes. Peanut butter and chocolate balls, made to look like Buckeye tree nuts.
  36. OKLAHOMA: Crispy Commeal Okra. This crispy fried okra is a favorite snack in these parts.
  37. OREGON: Marionberry Pie. Tart marionberries that are sweeter than blackberries are cooked inside a crumb-topped pie.
  38. PENNSYLVANIA: Philly Cheese Steak. The debate rages on—canned Cheese Whiz or sliced cheese?
  39. RHODE ISLAND: Frozen Lemonade. Don’t use a spoon! Jus squeeze it out of the cup like the locals do.
  40. SOUTH CAROLINA: Shrimp and Grits. Thick ground corn as the foundation for shrimp and other mix-ins like lemon, garlic, and bacon.
  41. SOUTH DAKOTA: Chislic. Deep-fried cubed red meat, dipped in garlic salt, and eaten with saltines.
  42. TENNESSEE: Memphis Dry-Rub Ribs. A secret rub is used to marinate ribs overnight. Then it’s cooked until you get a dark crust.
  43. TEXAS. Texas Brisket. The state is famed for its BBQ, but the king of them all is this BBQ that’s smoked for 9 hours.
  44. UTAH. Funeral Potatoes. It’s really to die for. Garlic, cream and onions, with crunchy cornflakes and melted cheese on top.
  45. VERMONT: Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie. Vermont cheddar with sweet and tart apples makes for a winning combination.
  46. VIRGINIA: Virginia Ham Biscuits. Slices of salty country ham are covered in honey mustard, and then put between Southern-style chive-speckled biscuits.
  47. WASHINGTON: Cedar-Planked Salmon. The salmon is marinated and then broiled over soaked cedar planks.
  48. WEST VIRGINIA: Pepperoni Roll. Dough filled with a pepperoni stick and shredded mozzarella.
  49. WISCONSIN: Bratwurst Stewed with Sauerkraut. Bratwurst with tangy sauerkraut over a baguette.
  50. WYOMING: Chicken Fried Steak. Tenderized steak with egg mixture and flour, pan-fried until the outside is crispy.

And let’s not forget the nation’s capital Washington, DC. For our federal employees, nothing’s better than Chili Half-Smokes (huge grilled smoky hotdogs split in half and heaped with chunky chopped onion chili) to enjoy a lazy afternoon watching Bryce Harper go wild on the Field of Dreams!

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