Shakey’s Pizza Menu Prices

Shakey’s Pizza Menu Prices
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Shakey’s Pizza menu prices at your fingertips. Shakey’s Pizza is a family pizza restaurant chain that’s based in the Unites states with 500 locations globally and 60 locations in continental America. The first Shakey’s restaurant was founded in 1954 at Sacramento, California by Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson and Ed Plummer. Sherwood got the pet name “Shakey” when he caught the malaria during WWII. The first pizza parlor opened on a weekend an only had beer to sell because the ovens were not ready yet. The proceeds of the beer sales provided for the money to buy the pizza ingredients the following Monday when they had full operations.

Below are the latest Shakey’s Pizza menu prices.


Chicken & Mojos

Golden Fried Chicken (2pcs. Leg & Thigh)$4.99
Golden Fried Chicken (2pcs. Breast & Wing)$5.99
Golden Fried Chicken (4pcs.)$9.99
Golden Fried Chicken (8pcs.)$17.99
Wings (6pcs.)$6.25
Wings (12pcs.)$11.25
Wings (18pcs.)$16.25
Boneless Strips (2pcs.)$4.99
Boneless Strips (5pcs.)$9.99
Boneless Strips (10pcs.)$17.99
Mojo's (Half Order)$2.99
Mojo's (Full Order)$4.99
Mojo Supreme (Serves 6)$7.99

Salads & More

Salad Bar (per person)$5.99
Family Salad (Serves 4)$6.99
Garlic Bread (Half Order)$1.99
Garlic Bread (Full Order)$2.99
Pepperoni Pizza Twists$3.49

Bunch Of Lunch (Served Daily 11AM - 2PM)

Unlimited Pizza and Salad Bar (Monday-Friday)$6.99
Bunch of Lunch (Monday-Friday)$8.29
Bunch of Lunch (Saturday & Sunday)$8.99
Bunch of Lunch (Kids 10 and under)$4.99


Brownie Sundae$1.49
Vanilla Ice Cream Cup$0.99

Build Your Own


Individual (7”)$4.99
Small (9”)$6.99
Medium (12”)$12.99
Large (15”)$15.99
Each Additional Topping$0.75-$1.50


Individual (7”)$5.99
Small (9”)$7.99
Medium (12”)$13.99
Large (15”)$16.99

Shakey's Classics

Garden Veggie (Small)$8.99
Garden Veggie (Medium)$16.99
Garden Veggie (Large)$19.99
Texas BBQ Chicken (Small)$8.99
Texas BBQ Chicken (Medium)$16.99
Texas BBQ Chicken (Large)$19.99
Shakey’s Special (Small)$8.99
Shakey’s Special (Medium)$16.99
Shakey’s Special (Large)$19.99
Firehouse (Small)$8.99
Firehouse (Medium)$16.99
Firehouse (Large)$19.99

Flatbreads (New)

Margherita, Garlic Chicken or Teriyaki Chicken$5.99

Meal Deals

PCM For One$8.99
Pizza & Salad$9.99
Pizza & Wings$12.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Small)$9.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Medium)$16.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Large)$20.99

Feed The Family

Medium PCM (Serves 4)$23.99
Large PCM (Serves 6)$34.49
The Ultimate PCM (Serves 8)$49.99


Domestic Draft Beer (Glass)$4.75
Domestic Draft Beer (22oz.)$5.70
Domestic Draft Beer (Pitcher)$13.99
Premium Draft Beer (Glass)$5.50
Premium Draft Beer (22oz.)$6.50
Premium Draft Beer (Pitcher)$13.99
Bottled Beer (Domestic)$4.75
Bottled Beer (Premium)$5.50
Soft Drinks (Large)$2.49
Soft Drinks (Kid's 10 and under)$1.89

Party Packages

Pizza, Chicken & Mojo's (Serves 10-12)$65.99
Pizza, Chicken & Mojo's (Serves 18-20)$119.99
Pizza, Chicken & Mojo's (Serves 50)$269.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 10-12)$59.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 18-20)$109.99
Pizza & Mojo's (Serves 50)$209.99

Shakey’s is best known for their creative family meal deals, cheese-filled pizza flavors, chicken and mojos, bunch of lunch, desserts, and of course beer.

Shakey's Pizza Menu PricesOriginally established as “Ye Public House” for pizza and beer, Johnson used to indulge on is passion to play Dixieland jazz in his restaurant. Later on, he added ragtime music to the mix featuring banjos and pianos for every family’s entertainment. Today, Shakey’s has been synonymous to the title “World’s greatest Pizza” For 60 years, Shakey’s has provided clean family fun and great pizzas and will continue to provide fun-filled memories for generations to come. “Pizza Perfect at Shakey’s”.

For more information about Shakey’s Pizza, visit their official website.

Last Updated: December 25, 2015 10:55 am

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Shakey’s Pizza Menu Prices
4.5 (90%) 6 votes


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