The Perfect Pizza Meal At Shakey's Pizza

Shakey’s Pizza is Simply Perfect!

A lot of people like pizza not only because it’s a complete meal with your carbs, proteins and veggies but also because it’s so fun, filling and exciting to eat. The pizza pie attracts those who especially like the sweet-salty flavor of cheese. Now, some people like their pizza thick. Some may like it to be a bit soggy. But for those who love their pizza on a crispy thin crust then, the best one there is Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.

Now, let’s leave the United States for a while for a bit of a Trivia. Do you know that in a popular city in the Far East, the whole metro’s traffic goes into complete chaos on Shakey’s anniversary date just because they are selling pizzas at half the price? Some big universities are calling classes off just because of the traffic jam Shakey’s is creating wherever they are located.

Shakey’s Pizza taste

Pizzas will always be tasty when you put a lot of ingredients over it. But the real way of testing the pizza’s flavor is when you order the basic foundations. The real test for pizza greatness is in the regular cheese flavor. Here you can taste the texture of the cheese, the flavor of the tomato paste and the consistency of the crust.

Every kid who has tasted pizza will always imagine how great the pizza would taste if the crust is crunchy and crispy as a biscuit. Every adult would always imagine how it will be like if the cheese it so overwhelmingly juicy and tasty to completely out stage the crust And how the tomato paste will still be flavorful but still be subtle enough to play second lead. Well, no one has to imagine, because everything that has been described is Shakey’s Regular Cheese Pizza.

Shakey’s cheese is so unique and satisfying that a lot of people are still just ordering this pizza basic. And, if you have not discovered it yet, the cheese even tastes better when it is a bit left to cool. Cheese lovers won’t believe how tasty it gets coming straight from the refrigerator overnight. Well anyway, you have to start your Shakey’s experience with basic cheese or you may want to try it with a bit of garlic. Then, you can probably go with a Hawaiian where the pineapples add a little bit of character to its taste and aroma. But for the real meat lovers, the Ultimate meat and the Texan chicken are always most satisfying. Fir a complete taste of what Shakey’s has got to offer, all the meats and vegetables, you can go ahead and try the Shakey’s Special. But remember; always start out with the basic cheese thin crust first so you will really know what Shakey’s is all about.

Shakey’s menu

The next best thing about Shakey’s is their mojos. It’s a bot of a spicy breaded potato snack that always goes very well with beer. Mojos can be served as a separate side dish or it can go with their home-style breaded chicken that’s really tender and juicy.

Or, if you want a full meal of a little piece of what Shakey’s is offering, you can go for the Bunch of Lunch buffet. if you are already a Shakey’s veteran and you are aware that everything they serve there is absolutely yummy, the best way of enjoying everything in unlimited plates is through the Bunch of Lunch; a bit of spaghetti, a slice of pizza, a part of the chicken, a few mojos and salad. Whether you are eating the simplest thin crust cheese pizza or enjoying the bunch of lunch buffet, it’s always pizza perfect at Shakey’s.

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