Seafood Apocalypse

Bodybuilders, health trainers even most doctors are too quick in saying that seafood is the healthiest of food choices.

At the risk of being a “Kill Joy” there is room for a dispute against this statement as this is only a general assumption.

First, not all kinds of seafood are the same. Not everything that comes from the sea promotes the best health option. Jaws came from the sea. Everybody said “Hi!” and he ate them, not friendly at all.

Second, some nutrients found in the varieties of seafood are good for general health but may be bad for some medical conditions.

This article will give you a guide as what’s best to order the next time you dine in your favorite seafood restaurant such as Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen.

Let’s make it clear that what we will be discussing are fresh seafood preparations at seafood restaurants, not the canned version as they are filled with preservatives.

Salmon and Gravadlax

Salmons have very high omega-3 fatty acid content that will not only decrease the chances of heart disease but will improve eyesight and slow down muscular degeneration for old people.

But if the salt content goes over 3 grams, it will be a bad choice for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Gravadlax is cured in salt. Hypertensive people should take it out from their menu.


Crabs are not only high in omega-3 fatty acids but in protein as well. It has a bit of selenium; a cancer fighter, and calcium which is good for the bones.

Crabs have anti-inflammatory acids good for arthritis conditions. But if it’s your first time to eat crabs, watch out for allergies as some people have allergic reactions to crabs. Take a few bites and wait a while to see if you experience any swelling or itching before you start digging in again.

Crabs are high in cholesterol. So, if you’re suffering from high cholesterol, eat crabs sparingly.


Again, squids are a good source of protein, omega-3 and iodine.

It has large amount of copper which is good for metabolism of iron in the formation of red blood cells.

Its vitamin B2 helps control migraines and its calcium content develops stronger bones and teeth.

The only thing you have to be concerned about is the freshness of the squid that’s being served. If it is not fresh then, it can cause digestional problems.


Oysters are low in cholesterol, high in protein, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Oysters are known aphrodisiacs because they have the most zinc content from all food presentations. The Oyster’s zinc improves reproductive and sexual functions. Its vitamin A, C and B12 provides extra energy.

Oysters are good bone builders for their high calcium content.

But, be careful about the history of the oysters being served. There are cases where there is too much mercury. There could be some possible issues of infection in the way they are farmed.

Bad oysters will cause food poisoning.


Mussels have high levels of iodine perfect, for people with thyroid problems.

But with mussels’ risk for toxins, it’s best to be avoided by pregnant women and nursing mothers.


Scallops are low calorie seafoods which are rich in protein and omega-3. It has no saturated fat content and, it is a good source for magnesium and potassium.

Scallops are known to be good in decreasing possibilities of dementia and memory loss.

Scallops are best for weight watchers but, some may be sensitive to scallops.

Shrimps and Prawns

Fresh prawns are very high in Vitamin B12 but tend to be high in salt levels too due to its freezing process.

Another low down is its high cholesterol content. People with high cholesterol should eat shrimps and prawns in moderation.


Lobsters are rich in iodine, B vitamins, vitamin E, and selenium.

Lobsters are your lean and healthy choice. With extra vitamin E, lobsters provide a good amount of the youth vitamin that protects against cell damage.

But when served in a dish called “Thermidor”, lobsters become fatty with all the cream, cheese and eggs.

Though some seafood choices are not friendly to medical conditions such as high cholesterol and hypertension, they are still the better option over beef and pork.

In general, seafoods are good for the health. All seafood varieties have high omega-3 fatty acids which is the best fat of all. It does not only reduce the risk of heart diseases but actually contributes to a healthy heart meaning, seafood meals are not only preventive measures against heart attacks and strokes but aid against their development.

The next time you visit Bonefish Grill be rest assured that every item on the Grilled Fish menu will be good for you. But just remember, even if they are good, it doesn’t mean you can overeat. Too much of a good thing will be bad.

All that swimming made those sea creatures so lean as to be so safe on the dinner plate. Isn’t nature great?

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