Restaurants Serving the Best Breakfast in the US

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for people who are always on the go. We need to eat good food in the morning, specifically within two hours upon waking up to fuel up for the day ahead and to get a much-needed energy boost.

There was even a study conducted in 2014 which showed that people who do not skip breakfast are proven to have lowered their risk for heart diseases and diabetes. They also found that they had a more enhanced memory.

Best Breakfast USA

If you are a breakfast eater and consider it to be your favorite and most important meal of the day, but you do not have the time to whip up a hearty breakfast at home, then you should check out these breakfast restaurants in the US.

  1. Russ & Daughters Café (New York City)

This sit-down café opened in 2014 and was considered to be one of the most exciting food announcements to hit Manhattan during that time. The café offers beloved Jewish standards such as caviar, white fish, and cream cheese spreads. You should try their popular dish, Lower Sunny Side, which consists of Gaspé smoked salmon, sunny side up eggs, and plump potato latkes.

  1. Cutty’s (Brookline, Massachusetts)

One of the favorites at this breakfast place is the sandwich containing a zesty Oaxacan chorizo, scrambled eggs, melted farmer cheese, a cold smear of mayonnaise, and sprigs of cilantro on black pepper brioche. Cutty’s is known to serve sandwiches that are elevated to an art form, focusing on the fine details of what they serve.

  1. Walnut Café (Boulder, Colorado)

This café has been one of the constants in Boulder, as it has been in operation since 1983. They offer hot coffee, baked goods, and hearty meals. But one of the crowd favorites is The Big Dill Eggs, which is served with English muffin, fresh spinach, poached eggs, and whole cream-dill sauce.

  1. Brick & Spoon (Orange Beach, Alabama)

This restaurant is proudly rooted in Cajun country with its menu essentials such as beignets, shrimp, and grits, and Louisiana oysters dusted with cornmeal. You can also design your own Bloody Mary by choosing from spirits, vegetable garnishes, seasonings, and even proteins like shrimp and baked bacon strips.

  1. Blacksmith (Houston, Texas)

This coffee house opens at 7 in the morning, serving food and beverages that are products of the chefs’ great talents. Blacksmith serves square cut biscuits that are made from scratch, amazing gravy made from the smoked hock, cream, and Benton’s country ham. Complete the meal with their house coffee, which you will probably have a double shot of.

  1. Little Goat (Chicago)

Considering that this restaurant is the domain of the first female Top Chef, Stephanie Izard, it is not surprising that it serves great quality food. One of the most popular breakfast foods here is the Fat Elvis Waffle, which is a sourdough waffle topped with crispy bacon and sliced bananas. It is also drizzled with melted peanut butter and bacon-laced maple syrup.

  1. Deluca’s (Pittsburgh)

This classic diner is known for their over the top portions such as their massive omelet with thick pieces of kielbasa sausage and mashed potatoes. It is served with sauerkraut and cooked apples on the side.

  1. Griddle Café (Los Angeles)

This café serves a variety of hotcakes, flapjacks, and old-fashioned pancakes. One of their most ordered is the Golden Ticket, which is a stack of pancakes made from banana batter and ladled with caramel, walnuts, streusel while it cooks. It is served with whipped cream, caramel, and more streusel.

  1. Chez Elle Creperie and Coffeehouse (Kansas City, Missouri)

If you love French crepes for breakfast, then this is the place for you. Forget the usual plain crepes as the owner is known to be inventive with the fillings that they offer. For instance, one of their popular choices is The Fromage, which consists of charred bacon, gooey Brie, and fresh pesto for garnish.

  1. The Mud House (St. Louis, Missouri)

People come to this restaurant to get a taste of its famous Dat Hash, with its ingredients depending on the season. Regardless of the ingredients, each hash is served on whole grain toast and perfectly poached eggs.

  1. Dupar’s (California and Las Vegas)

Known for their clarified butter on pancakes, Dupar’s has been serving great breakfast since 1938. They make everything from scratch, including every pastry, every pie, and even their own jelly.

  1. Tom’s Restaurant (Brooklyn, New York)

Having been in the business since 1936, this restaurant serves many regular customers who keep on coming back for their traditional egg creams, cherry-lime rickeys, and classic diner food. Tom’s restaurant offers pancakes in 14 different varieties and also has delicious and fresh cut-to-order pastrami.

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