Red Lobster Drink Menu Prices

When you’re in the mood for seafood Red Lobster is a great place to look.  This popular chain has been serving up tasty dishes including their world famous cheddar bay biscuits for over 47 years.  There’s one just around the corner in over 9 different countries!  That’s all good, but what if you’re in the mood to wash down that great grub with a tasty adult beverage?

Did you know that Red Lobster is also known for having a pretty good bar with well-trained bartenders ready to make you your favorite cocktail or draw a tasty brew in a frosty glass?  In fact, they’ve got a full selection beer, wine, spirit and even non-alcoholic drinks for the kids or your teetotaling relative. For more information on the latest Red Lobster drink menu prices keep reading below.

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The Red Lobster bar serves all the classic drinks, but also feature a few appropriately named “signature drinks”.  If you like frozen margaritas then you should definitely try the Lobsterita.  There’s not a whole lot of difference, but it does come in a variety of great flavors such as strawberry, lime, and raspberry and it’s made with a dash of acceptable Sauza Gold tequila.  Another great choice is their Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea.

If you’re dieting, the bar isn’t the best place to stay on the wagon.  Most of the drinks are packed with empty calories and a few of them like the Mud Slide have a hefty amount of sugar to boot.  If you do want to have a drink while counting calories opt for something like a tequila and tonic or reach for your favorite lite beer.

If you’re in the mood for something more…solid, the folks here have your back with a specialized bar menu.  You can also order anything from the standard menu and have it served at the bar as well.  May we recommend the Parrot Island Jumbo Shrimp?  They’re an accompaniment to a beer or glass of wine.

Many people want to know, “How much are the drinks at Red Lobster”.  After perusing menu above you should have a pretty good idea, but in our experience, the prices are pretty reasonable.  The restaurant and bar both cater to budget-conscious, family diners and have a good selection of affordable choices.  You and your date should be able to relax with a drink or two and a great meal for under $40.00 + tip.

Here’s a fun fact:  Red Lobster was recently highlighted by one of the world’s most admired singers.  It’s none other than that sassy soprano too famous for the last name.  That’s right, it was Beyoncé!   In fact, shortly after the song called Formation was released the franchise received even more publicity when she sang the song at the Super Bowl.  It’s no surprise that sales took a turn for the better in the months following.  Let’s hope they sent her a coupon for some free giant crab legs!

For more information about Red Lobster, visit their official website.  Oh and by the way, don’t forget to tip your bartender!

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