The Most Popular Pastas Today

The pasta you are being served at Olive Garden is no doubt impressive and varied, but there are lots more pasta types available. In fact there are over 250 kinds of pasta in the world, so there’s plenty to choose from. But if you’re looking for the most popular and in demand, look no further because they are right here.


Spaghetti is one of the most popular pasta variants in Europe and North America. Made of water and semolina, the spaghetti is cylindrical in shape and is thin and long. Spaghetti is served in different ways but the most common is with tomato sauce and meat balls. The dish is also known for being easy to cook and prepare, and they can be relished with sausages and cheese.

Fusili Pasta

Fusili is considered a classic pasta dish, available in different colors but the most popular being red and green. Fusili is a spiral shaped pasta with three edges, with the red color provide by beetroot juice and the green by spinach juice. It is one of the most popular Italian pastas and exported throughout the world. Today, fusilli is eaten in soups, salads or regular pasta.


Bucatini pasta looks a lot like spaghetti except that it has a hole in the middle and is thicker than spaghetti. The pasta is made up of hard durum wheat flour and goes well with meat, vegetables and pasta sauces. Usually, bucatini is mixed with other pastas so its appearance and taste is different from others.


The manicotti is a large, hollow pasta and is shaped like a ribbed tube. Because of its shape and hollowness, chefs prefer this because they can stuff it with different kinds of filling. Usually manicotti is filled with cheese and tomato sauce but red meat, salads, seafood and other combinations are not unheard of. While the manicotti looks like a lot to take in, it is actually light and can be digested easily.


Probably the most popular pasta today, macaroni is slightly bent and hollow and doesn’t have any eggs. What makes macaroni so popular is it goes well with just about anything and it is so easy to prepare. While it is usually eaten at breakfast, it’s good enough for any time of the day.

Rotini Pasta

Rotini pasta is helix shaped and compared to spaghetti, is shorter and tightly packed. For the longest time, rotini has been used with different kinds of salads and prepared with various kinds of sauces. Because of its helix structure, the pasta absorbs more flavor than other variants, which is why it is very popular. Just like the aforementioned pastas, rotini is widely produced.


Lasagne is another well-known pasta in the US and Italy, and it is available in different sheet sizes with some having ripples. Lasagne can be eaten in many ways, although in the US it is usually served in layers with pasta sauce, cheese and multiple layers of seafood or meat. In addition, lasagne is served baked and can be eaten as the main course.


Farfalle is a special Italian pasta known for its unique appearance, which has earned it the moniker “bowtie pasta”. Like other Italian pasta, it is available in different shapes and sizes and goes well with various kinds of sauces and tomatoes. Very popular in Italy, it is served as part of the main course in several meals.


Vermicelli pasta is very popular in many parts of the Middle East and Asia. Long and very thin, it is made of white flour and wheat, and a variant of it is consumed in China in the form of rice noodles. However in India vermicelli is eaten as a dessert with some fruits and dry nuts.


Rigatoni pasta is hollow and tubular and prepared with different herbs and cheese dipping. Just like other pasta variants, rigatoni goes well with various kinds of meats and sausages. Widely consumed in Europe, it is slowly becoming popular in America too and is eaten as a standalone dish. You can eat this dish in different ways, but in the US it’s usually with chicken sausages and Parmesan cheese.

Trenette al Pesto

This is a pasta dish from northern Italy made up of basil based sauce consisting of parmiginano cheese, olive oil, pine nuts and garlic. The dish is served with tomato sauce with potato cubes added as well.

Spaghetti con le vongole

This is a spaghetti dish with clams and widely served in southern Italy. The traditional dish does not have any tomatoes, but modern renditions have pachino tomatoes in the ingredients. The dish is served in different ways now, and remains a classic favorite in many parts of Italy.

So if you’re looking for something different the next time you are at Romano’s Macaroni Grill, check out these pastas and your taste buds will be in for a treat.

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