Pizza Wars: Are You Team Chicago Style or Team New York Style?

There is no rivalry that can go bigger than what pizza lovers call Chicago-Style pizza versus New York-Style pizza competition. Since the beginning of pizza-making time, many friendships, relationships, and families have perished over this trivial matter, trying to find out which one is really the best. Consequently, it has remained the biggest mystery of all time.

It is no secret that both cities have a history, tradition, and passion for making their pizzas. Despite the difference in appearance and variations, the ubiquitous influence of each city is apparent in each slice, making it impossible for every locals not to love their own pie.

What is a Chicago-Style pizza?

There are many different styles of pizza available in The Windy City but none as popular as the infamous deep dish pizza. Characterized by high edge and deep surface crust, locals love it for its generous amount of cheese, chunky tomato sauce, and thick, flatbread like finish.

No one truly knew who invented the deep dish pizza. Chicago local historian Tim Samuelson claims Pizzeria Uno founder Ike Sewell as the inventor but according to Chicago Daily News, it was the pizzeria chef Rudy Malnati who invented it.

What is a New York-Style pizza?

While it is referred to as a New York-Style pizza, this hand-tossed thin crusted pies are enjoyed by locals from the state of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. It’s crust has a crispy edge that provide a crunchy bite while the whole slice remains soft and pliable.

It’s history goes as far as the early 1900s, where Naples native Gennaro Lombardi brought the pie in the country and opened the first pizzeria in the United States. He had an employee named Antonio Totonno Pero who left Lombardi’s and built his own pizzeria, Totonno’s, in Coney Island in 1924.

From then on, several pizzerias began popping everywhere in New York City. Most of these pies are baked in brick ovens, peppering the bottom with cheese and finishing with tomato sauce on top.

What’s the actual difference between the two pizza styles?

There are five characteristics that each pizza differs in, besides the manner of eating. As deep-dish are like casseroles, they are eaten with a fork and knife unlike pan pizzas which can be folded and eaten by hands.

1) Crust

Chicago style pizza has a thick and inch-deep crust, best for smothering with toppings, cheese, and sauce. New York style, on the other hand, has thin and crispy crust which features a thin layer of sauce, toppings, and cheese.

2) Toppings

Chicago deep dish pizza can be filled with toppings as it has a deep base but New York style pizza, due to their thin pies, can only have limited, small toppings to cling unto the flat surface.

3) Cheese

Chicago deep dish pizza combines different variety of cheese as New York style pizza mostly rely on Mozzarella cheese for a gooey bite.

4) Oil

Chicago deep dish pizza is drier and can go without oil, which is very different from New York style pizza as each slice is dripping from pools of oil.

5) Servings

Chicago deep dish pizza is served and cut in portions similar to that of a casserole but New York style pizzas are traditionally served in handy triangular shapes like that of a birthday cake.

While no one can truly say which is better, most pizzerias in the United States follow what the New Yorkers have loved and liked. Italian restaurants such as Bella Italia serve pizza style similar to that of a New York classic but with a variety of twist to reflect what a true Italian pizza would look and taste like.

Margherita, Pepperoni Piccante, and Quattro Formaggi are some of the Italian classics that have been given an American twist to satisfy the taste buds of every pizza lovers in the country. At the end of the day, no matter what pizza style is used, it all boils down to the taste which will entice a customer to come back to a restaurant.

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