Pizza Toppings You have Never Tried Before

Outrageous Pizza Toppings That Are So Ridiculously Good

Pizza is the kind of food that everyone enjoys basically because, it is easy to cook, eat, and most importantly, you can put whatever you want on it.

But what is pizza, exactly?

It is a baked pie that has originated from Italy and is usually consist of flat or shallow, bread crust covered with tomato sauce and topped with the usual pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers or olive.

Urban legends have it that in the US, you can tell where a person is from by the way they choose or eat their pizza as there are two famous ways to have them – New York style or Chicago style.

Gennaro Lombardi is credited to have opened the first pizzeria in the country, at New York City, known today as the ‘Patriaca della Pizza.’ From their, the pizza wars have began when John Brescio, Jerry Lombardi and Andrew Bellucci started their own chains.

Soon, the New Jersey Tomato Pies and Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza have been born and everyone now has the capability to choose whatever toppings, the styles, and how they’d eat their favorite pies.

Today, pizzerias are known to provide their consumers an all-out decision for their pies. Whether they decide to make it circular, triangular, squared, or deep dish, customers have all the power.

Of course, with great power comes a huge responsibility because for whatever they create, a stranger may either love it or hate it.

Here are some of the world’s craziest pizza toppings that made even pizzeria owners scratching their heads due to the unbelievable taste these creations create. In other words, “They all work!”

Smoked Reindeer

The story goes that back in 2005, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi went to Finland and without anything to eat, has publicly humiliated the Finnish for their lack of appetizing meals. Due to the outrage this has brought the country, a Finnish pizzeria created a pizza topped with smoked reindeer and has aptly called it the Berlusconi.

Critics appeared to have loved this creation so much, it has actually won an award as the best pizza in the world last 2008, beating Italy, pizza’s melting pot.

Lobster, Black Alaskan Cod & Caviar

Canada is known to the land of the free but did you know that a suburban pizzeria has created one of the most expensive and heavily-laden in seafood pizza?

Ridiculous as it may sound but most Canadians loved the pizza so much, they don’t mind paying 450 Canadian dollars for it.

Sweet Potato Mousse Crust With Everything On It

Korea is famous for eating anything, from fermented kimchi to raw, freshly caught fish. However, a famous pizza chain has topped the whole country when it decided to make a sweet potato crust topped with mushrooms, beef, corn, onions, bacon, nacho chips – well, literally everything it can put on top of a flat dough.

Incredibly, the pizza, which has also reached the US through it’s outlets in Los Angeles, has made everyone keep coming back for more.

Hotdog-Stuffed Pizza

Big pizza chain Pizza Hut has joined in the frenzy of outrageous toppings when it has decided to release something big and different – a whole hot dog stuffed pizza. This creation has made both Americans and Canadians begging for more.

Half And Half

Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the name because this pizza from Australia is nothing but ordinary. A Sydney hotel has appeared to have let their customers lose when they allowed the invention of the half emu, half kangaroo pizza toppings.

To make it healthier, they have added bush tomato, capsicum, and cranberries to the mix and voila, pizza magic.

The Royal Wedding

There is nothing extraordinary about the toppings used but the eerie way Papa John’s has paid tribute to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton had everyone either gushing or rushing out of the pizza store.

It was just ham, olives, peppers, pepperoni, bell peppers and mushroom but the way it was transformed to LOOK like the couple is way too creepy to make pizza fans begging for more. Fortunately, the taste is good.

Cheeseburger Pizza

A monstrosity that has its own category, combining the goodness of burgers and pizza is definitely the way to any person’s tummy.

Chocolate And Marshmallow Pizza

Dessert pizza can either a person’s nightmare or dream come true. However, after a New York pizzeria tried this, combination, everyone knew its time to pack up their bags and move to the city.

Pizza has made people realize that their can be perfection in this imperfect world. And if you are craving for a slice or a whole pie, why not try America’s Incredible Pizza?

They have several outlets in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Missouri plus they have also branched out in Mexico. Their delicious and savory pizzas will make you begging for another, and another, AND ANOTHER! That’s how good the pizzas here are!

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