Oriental Invasion happening Under Our Noses

Asian Cuisine has a very good place in every adventurous American’s taste. The first thing that really comes to mind are rice and noodles. For most people, Asian food is all about rice and noodles. But, there is actually more to them than just that.

Almost every American would like to get their fingers on the 2 wooden chopsticks to have their own experience of finger twisting and food dropping. While the success of the oriental dining skill is fulfilling, all the fails bring out a lot of laughs and fun.

What’s so good about Asian food? Is it the challenge of using chopsticks instead of spoon and fork? Is it the taste and the unusual indescribable aroma? Is it in their novelty of presentation? Probably, it’s the combination of all these 3 and more.

If ever you want to experience the taste of the oriental flavors, we would like to present the best things oriental cuisines can offer.


Mongolian food is best represented in a Mongolian BBQ.

History tells us that during the time of Genghis Kahn’s adventures, or invasions, the Mongolian army used to cook their meals on their open shields over open fire.

Following that Mongolian tradition, Mongolian BBQs present their meals in build your own bowl style. You’ll have a choice of combination of beef, pork, chicken, fish, squid and more which you can complement with onions, lettuce and every other veggie that might be available. Then, when you have everything interesting in your bowl, you have the choice of adding different kinds of oils and sauces that can make your concoction sweet, salty, spicy or anywhere in between.

Mongolian BBQ is best characterized by abundance of all possible ingredients. Remember, the concepts comes from the Mongol warrior who is out in the wild with all the natural ingredients available to him so he can explore several degrees of sweetness, spiciness, saltiness, mintiness and everything else. And more importantly, he has unlimited options for all the meats possible. You can expect his shield to be full to the brim because Mongols are the Asian Vikings. They treat their meals like they’re their last.

One of the best Mongolian grills around is Genghis Grill. There, you can be in-charge of building your perfect bowl with over 80 choices of fresh ingredients. Then, all you have to do is instruct their masterful chefs on how you want your mixture cooked.


Japanese food is all about a complete sushi bar and good tasty food cooked in front of you in a Hibachi Table.

Japanese dining is truly an art form not just with the finished product but in the preparation of the meal itself. Cooking is a performance in the old Japanese tradition. The pleasure of dining starts when the master chef prepares the food and cooks them in front of you using his skills of flipping, tossing and juggling the cooking utensils.

Japanese cooking prides itself in perfection not only in taste but in form. And, that is what all Japanese restaurants follow. You can always expect Japanese restaurants to use only the finest and freshest ingredients, often using hard to find exotic ingredients that make the Japanese cuisine so unique. You just can’t tell where that exotic taste and aroma is coming from.

The first establishment that started a Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant in America is Benihana. Up to this date Benihana has the longest continuing Hibachi performance in the country. Established by an authentic samurai warrior descendant, Benihana is as authentic as you can get in terms of experiencing the Japanese culture of food preparation and dining.


One of the most common mistakes in Chinese dining is ordering individual choices like how we are used to, and end up with a lot of leftovers.

Chinese dining is all about family dining where each person’s order is a family order. So the volume of the orders is not for just one person.

Most famous in Chinese dining is in the style of a Lauriat where several dishes are presented on a Lazy Susan in programmed succession unraveling a unique family meal tale.

In case anyone is wondering what a Lazy Susan is; it is a round platform on top of the table that can be spun so that each dish can be in front of you with a slight turning of the revolving platform.

Lauriat packages can be in several numbers of dishes depending on your taste and budget. However, the number 8 is a very significantly lucky number in Chinese culture that so many order an 8-dish Lauriat especially on important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Chinese New Year.

One of the best Chinese dining places around is P.F. Chang’s.

P.F. Chang’s not serve authentic Chinese food but try to create a genuine Chinese atmosphere influenced by 12th century China with several terra-cotta warriors standing guard.

Mongolian, Japanese and Chinese cuisine cannot be ranked in terms of taste. Each has its own quality and deserves a taste.

Oriental cuisine is becoming a regular mainstay in the American diet. For such an adventurous lot, any food that can present quality and a huge amount of novelty is most welcome on the American dining table.

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