NFL Beefcake Loses All to Cheesecake

Have you read about the tale of David and Goliath? That’s believable. But, can you believe that there is such a tale as an NFL beefcake losing his money to cheesecake?

After earning $26,000,000 in professional football, Vince Young of the Tennessee Titans allegedly lost his earnings by over spending on a bunch of stuff. What’s mind boggling is that he spent $5,000 a week on cheesecake.

Cars, women, trips, clothing; they are all understandable but cheesecakes?

But that can’t be all that surprising given that there are other strongmen, legitimate beefcakes who shake and fall on their knees for a slice of cheesecake.

To name a few we have:

Broc Lesnar, a super heavy weight WWE and UFC champion finishes his dinners with a sizeable slice of cheesecake. Sources say that as genuine bad guy on and off the square ring, he gives generous tips to anyone who waits for him and gets him close to his cheesecake.

Famous boxers Jack Dempsey and Sonny Liston list cheesecakes as one of their favorite food along with steaks.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson a strongman competitor known for lifting cars would rather have a slice of cheesecake than wine.

Hollywood’s Dolph Lundgren eats cheesecake for breakfast.

Why do people like to eat cheesecakes so much?

Experts say that our brains get pleasure from sugar, fat and salt.

Cheesecakes contain so much of these 3 ingredients making them so irresistible. The creamy cheese filling is made of rich condensed milk which contains lavish amounts of sugar and fat. The crunchy tasty crust provides the right saltiness to perfect the proper proportions of the sugar-fat-salt blend. In consideration of taste and taste alone, the cheesecake is the best food.

Are cheesecakes good for you?

Are cheesecakes good for you?-RestaurantMealPricesCheesecakes taste good but in terms of it being a healthy food, by all means, no.

Cheesecake lovers will argue that cheesecake is a dairy product and most of it is milk. Eating a lot of cheesecakes will just be like drinking a lot of milk which is good for you.

On a medical standpoint, cheesecakes are loaded with fats that will clog your arteries. A typical cheesecake contains 1,000 calories, 70 grams of which are fat and 30 grams are saturated fats.

If you are on a strict calorie diet, it would be a waste of calories if one third of your daily calorie budget will be consumed by a slice of cheesecake.

But then again, nobody should be after the perfect diet. While the cheesecake offers very little nutritional value, it’s one of the simplest joys of life. A slice or two once in a while won’t condemn you to a life of obesity. A slice of cheesecake could be considered as a break, a life’s recess in between meals that follow the perfect diet plan.

Besides, if exercise is included in your health regimen then, some of the cheesecakes empty calories will be burned. To remove the psychological baggage of guilt, add a mile or two on your next day’s jogging or spend a few more minutes on the treadmill.

Why do Beefcakes load on Cheesecakes?

Do you know a person who doesn’t like cheesecakes?

Cheesecakes are for everyone, athletes included. Being athletes, they have more physical activities than the regular person thus, they burn more calories.

So, is it an excuse to eat more cheesecakes?

So, is it an excuse to eat more cheesecakes-RestaurantMealPricesIt is not an excuse but more of a privilege. At this point in their lives they can consume more calories from fats than the average semi-sedentary and sedentary person. Their athletic lifestyles of high intensity training and high energy sports performances burn almost every calorie they take in.

However, athletes should realize that the amount of food they ingest has to go down as soon as the amount of their physical work comes to a slope. Failure to adjust, their caloric intake will make them more susceptible to health conditions related to over eating like high blood pressure and diabetes than the average person given the enormous volume of food they are eating.

Ultimately it will be a question of whether the retired athlete will maintain his level of physical activity through recreational forms of exercise that matches his energy expenditure during his active years or, he will simply reduce the amount of food he is eating. The daily slice of cheesecake should be reduced to a slice per week or, per month.

What’s the verdict on cheesecakes?

Whether you are an athlete or a regular person, you deserve a cheesecake every so often. To be so against cheesecakes is so unrealistic.

A very smart heart doctor once said that man’s enemy has never been food but, the chair. Depriving yourself of good tasting food is just as bad as depriving yourself of exercise.

Go ahead and have a cheesecake. It’s everywhere. Vanilla Bean Cheesecake from T.G.I. Friday’s is quite good. It goes very well after any of their American favorites. For more cheesecake option, try Cheesecake Factory.

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