New York City’s Best Vegan Restaurants

For many food enthusiasts, the city of New York is one of the best places to go to because of the wide variety of restaurants and food shops in every corner. The city may be known for restaurants serving delicious steaks, sumptuous seafood, cheesy pizza pies, and fantastic desserts, but looking for a vegan restaurant in NYC is no challenge.

Fortunately for vegans, there are a lot of cruelty-free restaurants in the city, which offer fresh and healthy options that everyone will enjoy. Even those who love to eat meat will almost forget that what they are eating is all natural. So, if you do not eat meat or any animal products, eating in New York City will not be a disappointment since there are a lot of options for you.

Seven Worthy Vegan Restaurants in New York City

  • Nix

This Michelin-starred vegetarian and vegan eatery is popular with their trendy diners of all diets. They do not focus on imitation meats, but rather they creatively work on coming up with vegetable-focused dishes that can make meat lovers forget about meat.

Drop by during brunch and order their creamy cashew yogurt and savory tofu scramble. You can also come back for lunch or dinner and try their vegan dinner spread, featuring cauliflower tempura, pea dumplings, and a warm avocado curry served with pink rice.

Nix is located at 72 University Place.

  • Superiority Burger

When we hear the word burger, a thick patty made with ground beef instantly comes to mind, but this place changes that. The Superiority Burger is the brainchild of former Michelin-starred pastry chef Brooks Headley, who left the opulent Del Posto in exchange for slinging veggie sliders in her own food place.

The burgers at Superiority are made from vegetable pulp and considered to be one of the best in New York. They also serve burnt broccoli salad and other sides which change seasonally to complete a delicious meat-free meal.

Superiority Burger is located at 430 E. 9th Street.

  • Orchard Grocer

This vegan appetizing shop is the counterpart of a deli for meat eaters. It serves vegan delicacies such as cream cheese made from nuts, lox made out of thinly ribboned carrots, and a Reuben sandwich which showcases seiten and aquafaba Thousand Island dressing.

Orchard Grocer is located at 78 Orchard Street.

  • Champ’s Diner

This restaurant, which is open until midnight, is all vegan and an indulgent dream of non-meat eaters. Start your day right with their heaping breakfast plates which may include birthday cake pancakes, or indulge in great entrees such as burgers and hotdogs, and Philly cheese steak. You can also chow down some of their bar snacks such as the buffalo fries and pizza tots. Though they may all sound as regular food, everything served in this diner is 100% vegan.

Champ’s Diner is located at 197 Meserole Street, Brooklyn.

  • The Butcher’s Daughter

Ironic as it may seem, the butcher’s daughter who everyone expects to love meat is doing it right by swearing off meat. This vegetarian restaurant also has vegan options such as a BLT sandwich made with adzuki bacon, Pad Thai, and cocktails that are made with cold pressed juice.

The Butcher’s Daughter is located at 19 Kenmare Street and 581 Hudson Street.

  • Modern Love

If you are craving for meat-free, vegan comfort food, Modern Love is the place that you should go to. You can give in to your cravings by starting off with a Brussel sprout knish or a pinto bean tamale drenched in coconut sour cream. Make sure that you also try the creamy macaroni and cheese, which is cashew-based, or the tempeh grilled in bourbon maple barbecue sauce. Modern Love also has a surf and turf platter, which as expected, is not like anything that you have seen or eaten before.

Modern Love is located at 317 Union Avenue, Brooklyn.

  • Seasoned Vegan

For a hundred percent vegan soul food experience, do not miss out dining at Seasoned Vegan, which is owned and operated by mother and son team, Brenda and Aaron Beener. Their cuisine can be described as gourmet vegan soul food as their food is prepared not only with flavorful ingredients but also infused with tender love and care.

They serve BBQ “crawfish”, fried “chicken”, chopped “cheese” sandwich, and other delicious creations that are all definitely vegan-friendly. They basically have Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, and American dishes that are “veganized” and home cooked with a soulful twist.

Seasoned Vegan is located at 55 Street, Nicholas Avenue, three blocks north of Central Park.

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