New Restaurants Standing Out from a Sea of Debuts

In 2014, there were 1 million restaurants in the United States with combined annual sales of $709.2 billion representing 4% of the country’s gross domestic product (National Restaurant Association). With so much competition within a local area, new restaurants must have something fresh, perhaps even shockingly innovative, to offer its target customers to stand out from the rest.

Each new restaurant has its own ways and means to generate positive buzz among food critics and lovers. Food, of course, should be the center of attention but many restaurants also rely on other aspects of the business. Here are a few soon-to-open and newly-opened restaurants for the 2015 fall season that are standing out from the sea of competition.


Flynn McGarry, a 16-year old prodigy, has been catering sit-down gourmet dinners at his home since he was 11 and running a pop-up restaurant known as Eureka since he was 13 years. His customers have included fellow chefs, Hollywood actors and producers, and lawyers, among others, all of whom have been taken by his fresh take on American cuisine. With his restaurant, he will serve 14-course dinners every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, twice every evening, for the next six months.

Black Seed Bagels

Come to the Black Seed Bagels when it opens its doors for Montreal-inspired, wood-baked bagels. Expect the delectable bagels to be smaller yet maltier and sweeter than their New York counterparts so comparisons between the two will be akin to making the apples-versus-oranges comparison. The tile floors complemented by the tin ceilings as well as the larger café area make for a cozy atmosphere perfect for enjoying bagels with family and friends.

Avant Garden

Vegan food lovers will have a new haven to enjoy their vegan meals. Avant Garden, however, has a twist – the vegetables are treated like meat so diners can enjoy roasted, seared, and braised vegetable dishes, which are then served with natural wines. Think of vegetable-wine pairings and you have a vegan restaurant that will arouse your interest.

Harold’s Meat & Three

Harold Moore will be continuing his legacy of comfort food through the hotel-based Harold’s Meat & Three. His fare will consist of food prepared and presented in the Southern tradition – a meat dish and three sides – that should draw food lovers who want the comfort of home with the sophistication of a fine-dining restaurant. While waiting for its opening, you may want to check out the equally delicious dishes at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Freud Seäsonal

Eduard Fraunder is a veteran chef so his pronouncement that his new restaurant, Freud Seäsonal, will add modern twists to the classic schnitzels has been met with positive buzz. He envisions the restaurant as a brasserie-style setting that evokes end-of-century Vienna.

Café Altro Paradiso

Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter will open Café Altro Paradiso in a bright airy space. The duo envisions a traditional Italian menu with starters, main dishes, pasta, and desserts with breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections. Customers of Maggiano’s Little Italy will find the fare at the café more gourmet and more expensive but worth it.

High Street on Hudson

Carbohydrate overload is the order of the day at High Street on Hudson. Delicious bread is always available, thanks to the on-premises bakery. Alex Bois, the head baker, likes to make bread from virtually all types of grains although he is particularly proud of both his classic and innovative bagels. Vegetables and bread are also incorporated into many dishes.


French-American cuisine is Roxanne Spruance’s passion, which she will manifest in her new restaurant. Kingsley is two years in the making while Spruance worked at various establishments including Alison Eighteen and Blue Hill. She plans to attract diners with her heritage pork made with compressed carrots and blistered ground cherries as well as pheasant with black sesame and kabocha squash, among others.

Other notable new restaurants are L’Appart, which will pair tasting menus and wines; Lucky Bee, which will have a Southeast Asian cuisine with an emphasis on street food; and Rosa Mexicano, which will serve tacos and agave-based spirits.

Of course, the proof of the pudding is always the eating. It remains to be seen which of these new restaurants will actually capture the discriminating palate of their target customers and remain competitive.

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