The 5 Most Outrageously Expensive Pizzas in the World

For many people, pizza is the best because you get delicious food at a very reasonable price. It symbolizes the principles of democracy and equality—culinary delights should be available to all, and not just reserved for the rich.

But pizza prices, like everything else in the consumer market, can range from the affordable to the outrageously expensive. You see this in the automotive industry, in the jewelry business, in fashion accessories, and in appliances. And the pizza niche isn’t exempted. There are a few pizzas here are there which command prices no middle-income person can reasonably afford.

Here are some examples of pizzas with prices so high they’re positively obscene. See how far down the list you have to go before you find a pizza you can afford to try out!

  1. The Louis XIII. Its name is the result of using the Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac as one of its toppings, and this is a brand of cognac so expensive that it retails for $22,000 a bottle. But then it also includes spiny lobster, 3 types of caviar, and Krug Clos Du Mesnil champagne.
    Its creator, Renato Viola, takes almost 72 hours just to make the dough. It doesn’t use just any salt, mind you. It uses pink Australian salt, and each grain of it was even hand-picked from the Murray River. If you have the budget to cover the $12,000 cost per pie, then you can just fly to Salermo, Italy and visit the Agropoli where you’ll find this most expensive pizza in the world.
  2. The Pizza for Lovers. You can get this in the Favitta’s Family Pizzeria located in Henrietta New York near Rochester. This one costs $8,200 which still doesn’t quite make sense for ordinary people. It got its name because of its heart shape dough, but it didn’t get its cost to such stratospheric heights because of any exotic ingredients. It’s because you get the pizza with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a real diamond ring.
    So what this pizza really symbolizes is an over-the-top way of proposing to your girlfriend. And fortunately, it actually does taste great—at least according to the people who’ve tried it. We are going to assume that they woman said “yes” to the marriage proposal, because no pizza will taste good after a rejection!
  3. The Pizza Royale 007. If you’re a true James Bond fan, you may think about saving $4,200 to get an entire pie. But you’ll also need to fly to a Domenico Crolla restaurant in Haggis, Glasgow in Scotland. Its toppings include lobster that’s been marinated in a century-old cognac and caviar soaked in champagne. And to really make it special, the makers top everything off with a sprinkle of 24-carat gold dust.
    And who knows? After tasting this, you may just get drafted into Her Majesty’s Secret Service and then given a Double-O license to kill.
  4. “The World’s Most Expensive Pizza” from Margo’s Pizzeria. Its name may no longer be accurate (it probably was when it was first introduced in 2010), but then again in advertising you’d expect a certain leeway in terms of the truth. But the fact of the matter is that this gourmet pizza does taste great.
    To enjoy it, you’ll need about $2,400 and you’ll have to order a week in advance. That should give you enough time to fly over to Valetta, Malta where the pizzeria is located. The toppings include buffalo mozzarella and white truffles, and the makers will certainly discourage you from adding tomatoes to the thin traditional crust. And of course, it also comes with the requisite 24-carat gold leaf.
  5. The Bellisima Pizza. This $1,000 pizza comes from the mind of Nino Selimaj, who owns the Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in New York. It’s not just a gimmick that no one really orders. Instead, it’s already been enjoyed by hundreds fans since its creation in 2009. It’s located in the Upper East Side in Manhattan.
    The pizza is a favorite of caviar devotees, as it has 6 types of caviar among the toppings, and they include the famous Beluga caviar and the Black Russian Royal Sevruga with its intense flavor. It also has thin slices of lobster and crème fraiche, and it’s topped off with wasabi paste, chives, and salmon roll.
    Every year, about 50 of these pizzas are ordered by patrons. The price is actually reasonable, since the caviar alone is estimated to cost $820 already. The pizzeria may even be selling these pizzas at a loss for their patrons, but then again gaining a stellar reputation for gourmet pizza can be priceless.

So there you have it. You’ll have to start with at least a thousand bucks in your wallet if you want to taste the most exclusive pizzas in the world!

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