The Most Expensive Comfort Foods in the World

Here on this site we’ve previously covered the most expensive burgers and the priciest pizza. But there’s more to the top fast food than just hamburgers and pizza. And if you’ve just struck it rich, you owe it to yourself to share a portion of your fortune with others. Besides, you also get to enjoy culinary delights that no mere mortal has ever tasted before.

So ready your money and try out the most expensive samples of various food niches in the industry today:

  1. Most Expensive Sandwich. According to food historians, the sandwich was invented by an actual English earl—the 4th Earl of Sandwich, to be exact. So it shouldn’t surprise you that some sandwiches can be afforded only by the nobility, which today is a class includes Internet billionaires as honorary members.
    But really, even if you just happen to have a few million in the bank, you ought to try the Von Essen Platinum Club Triple Decker. It’s actually quite affordable at just £131 (about $185), and you can get it at the Cliveden Hotel in Berkshire, UK. Between the layers of excellent bread, you get air-cured Spanish ham (pata negra), white truffles, quail eggs, and poulet de Bresse chicken. It’s a masterpiece.
  2. Most Expensive Pie. Forget about apple or pecan pie. Once again the English has come in with the record, as The Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, England, has produced the priciest pie of them all. This time you better bring a fat wallet or a credit card with high limits, as this will cost you a hefty £8,195. That’s more than $11,615 for a pie!
    So what makes this pie oh so precious? It’s all in the ingredients, as they include Winter Black truffles and exorbitant Japanese wagyu beef fillet. You also get French Bluefoot and Chinese matsutake mushrooms. As for the gravy, it’s made from 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild wine. And to top it all off, the makers sprinkled edible gold leaf over everything.
  3. Most Expensive Bangers and Mash. Since we’ve listed English creations on the top of this list, we may as well discuss bangers and mash. This is quintessential pub grub, with flavored sausage paired with mashed potatoes. It’s popular in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, while in the US it is commonly found in “Irish pubs”.
    Very few people combine the term “bangers and mash” with the word “expensive”. This dish is known for how easy it is to make in large quantities. But you’re forced to do that when an order will cost you £75, which is about $105.00.
    This expensive dish is brought to you by a central London chef at the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon restaurant. The bangers (the term for the sausage) are made from coddled Iberico pig pork which has been braised in vintage Bordeaux wine. And they don’t use just any potato either. It’s been formed from a puréed potato bed with 10g of black truffle.
  4. Most Expensive Baked Potato. What about if it is just potato? It can’t be all that expensive, can it? Apparently it can. At the Torquay’s Cary Arms in Devon, England, they offer what they charmingly named the “Tuxedo Spud” for a price of £40 (about $57). The flesh of the potato is mixed with crème fraiche along with lemon, chives and spring onions. The insides are topped with caviar, and you also get a glass of champagne.
  5. Most Expensive Cheeseboard. A cheeseboard is a selection of several types of cheese, and it’s usually served with wine and bread as an appetizer or at the end of a meal. It’s usually not all that expensive, but some people at the Frome Cheese and Agricultural Show in Somerset had other ideas in 2012. They presented the most expensive cheeseboard ever, with a list price of £841 ($1,192).
    A cheeseboard that costs almost 12 hundred dollars? That’s not all that shocking when you consider that it includes Serbian donkey cheese—which costs £795 ($1,127) a kilo. Then you also get an unpasteurized sheep’s cheese called Abbaye de Belloc, which is made by Benedictine monks. Then you also get ash-encrusted goat cheese and brie encrusted with truffles, along with Swedish crispbread that costs £10 each.
  6. Most Expensive Pasta Sauce. Finally, Americans break into the English stranglehold on this list with a pricey item of their own. Pasta sauce is often associated with scrimping college students, but even the students at expensive Ivy League schools may balk at the $1,000 per jar price tag of the White Truffle Marinara Sauce. It doesn’t just have white truffles. It also includes vine-ripened tomatoes. But we suspect that its final ingredient is what makes it so darn expensive—it’s topped by edible gold flakes?

So did you hit a lotto jackpot recently or made a killing selling a startup to Facebook, Google, or Apple? If that’s the case, it’s time to relax by binge watching the new Daredevil season (set in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City), with your favorite comfort food by your side. Don’t mind about the price; you can afford it!

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