Marijuana Pizza and Cannabis Pizza Sauce – You Gotta Be Kidding!

Who would think that the ‘dangerous and forbidden’ marijuana will become an ingredient for pizza? In the past, marijuana would get you in trouble with the law. But now, it is being used as ingredient in pizza!

Cannabis is No Longer Forbidden

Cannabis is No Longer Forbidden-RestaurantMealPricesCannabis became acceptable recently because of the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Colorado. This substance has also gained approval in about two dozen other states in the country. Hemp or cannabis has gone a long way from being regarded as a harmful substance to being used in treating a number of diseases, as well as being used for recreation.

Unique Pizza

Unique Pizza-RestaurantMealPricesTaking advantage of this new development, Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation announced that it is developing a signature Unique Pizza which features fresh cannabis extracts for US states that have legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana edible products.

This company has enlisted the help of Dr. Reddy’s laboratories and kitchens to develop a unique food product that will attract customers who are not afraid to try new things. Unique Pizza is now on the stage of creating this unique marijuana pizza, complete with cannabis pizza sauce.

If this project is successful, they intend to sell this pizza through bars and night clubs which have already established a process of checking the identification and verifying the age of their buyers.

The company intends to comply with all the applicable state marijuana laws in their development and production of their proprietary cannabis base sauce. This sauce will be used to their licensed marijuana infused pizza product. Each state with existing marijuana legalized laws can produce this Unique Pizza proprietary cannabis pizza sauce.

Another related project is the development of a Unique pre-made frozen pizza, also with the Signature cannabis-infused sauce. This particular item will be sold through marijuana approved dispensaries in each state.

Advantages of Marijuana Pizzas

Advantages of Marijuana Pizzas-RestaurantMealPricesPatients who are treated with medical marijuana will find this pizza beneficial. They can carry it anywhere without earning the ire of others. In addition, this pizza will also be good for some patients with medical conditions that prevent them from smoking cannabis, or use a vaporizer. Eating cannabis through the pizza pie can be the alternative solution.

Preparing Marijuana Pizza

Preparing Marijuana Pizza-RestaurantMealPricesMarijuana pizza is prepared just like all pizzas are prepared. The only distinctive thing about this pizza is the inclusion of cannabis in its preparation. There are a number of ingredients that are different from the customary pizza that you can get from a pizza store.

The biggest difference is the cannabis extract. There are many forms of cannabis that can be used in marijuana pizza making but the most preferable is the fine powder cannabis extract. With this powder, even spreading of the cannabis throughout the pizza dough is easier. The extract is distributed well and there are no chances of it being concentrated in just one section of the pizza.

Cannabis fine powder is produced by drying the cannabis plant and then grinding it using a coffee grinder. You need to ensure that the cannabis plant is completely dried before it is processed so that it will be easier to grind.

The baking process should not take a long time. Preheating the oven to around 370°F is customary. While the oven is being prepared, cooking of the sausages, heating the olive oil and adding both the garlic and onions and frying them until they are brown are done.

Adding the toppings to the dough and spreading the tomato sauce, and sprinkling the tomatoes, garlic onions and cannabis powder follows thereafter. Not using very high temperature is important because too much heat will cause the volatile ingredients of the cannabis extract to evaporate. After 12 to 15 minutes, the pizza should be cooked and ready to eat.

The Future of Marijuana Pizza

The Future of Marijuana Pizza-RestaurantMealPrices“When I started to develop Unique Pizza 20 years ago, my main objective was to sustain an industry leading superior product,” says James Vowler, President and CEO. “My second objective was to always lead the pizza industry with new creative ideas and concepts. With the development of our Signature line of exceptional quality frozen pizzas and the cannabis-infused custom sauce, we will continue to lead our industry in innovative product design,” he added.

Vowler also said that the company has been discussing the idea of developing a cannabis related product since April. They hope to get a jump on the competition by using the superior technology of the Dr. Reddy’s laboratories while the demand for cannabis products is just peaking up.

The company hopes that in venturing into the world of enhanced pizzas, this unique marijuana pizza with cannabis pizza sauce will find itself in the forefront of an entirely new genre of ready to eat cannabis products and sold in restaurants like Ruby Tuesday.

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