Man vs. Buffet: Who Wins?

Some people view a buffet restaurant as a gladiators’ coliseum.

For some, it’s a case of a customer and restaurant owner fighting for who gets the better the deal. Will the customer beat the restaurant owner by eating more than the value of the $10 buffet? Or, will the restaurant gain a fat spread because the customer can’t eat $10 worth of food.

The fact is that you can never really bring down a buffet proprietor no matter how much eat because for every person who can eat more than $10’s worth of food, there are 9 others who won’t eat that much.

Aside from volume, there are other ways of enjoying and taking advantage of a buffet. Instead of eating $10’s worth of food why not take home $20’s worth of satisfaction.


In a buffet, what you are really paying for is not for the abundance of volume but in the abundance of variety.

Imagine this; in any normal dining, your choices are really confined to a few entrees on the menu unless, you intend to order every item which would cost a lot and end up with a lot of wastage.

Buffets are like shared dining. For the cost of a little more than the regular plate meal, the whole entrée is served to you as well with others who paid a little more than just the cost of one entrée.

In this regard, the best way to really take advantage of a buffet is to try everything out.

Taste All

The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.

Tasting all the varieties, from appetizers to main dishes and deserts could be too much for the average eater unless, you take them in the correct proportion.

Look at it this way, if all you can finish is about 2 plates full of food then you have to be able to put everything on your plate, on your first round at the buffet table. You have to be able to fit all the entrées in one plate so that each entrée will be just enough for one spoon full.

Think of it as a taste test where each time you put the spoon in your mouth, it’s a different entrée.

In the case of CiCi’s Pizza or Stevi B’s Pizza, each slice should be a different kind of pizza.

Go Back for your Favorites

The reason you have to confine your taste testing to one full plate is because you would want to reserve the next plate for your favorites.

Out of all the entrées, there will be at least 3 to 5 that you really like. The second plate should be reserved for this. Always assume that your second plate is your last. Place an imaginary division line on your plate and place your favorites accordingly.

A third plate of the main course could be asking too much for the human stomach handle but, if a third plate would still be comfortable then, go for it.

Exhaust the Time

A buffet is a whole night’s affair. Never set anything else on a buffet night because having something else after will make you rush things.

The mind will only tell you that you are already full 20 minute after your stomach is actually full. Eating too fast will take you beyond the point of being full to the point of feeling bad.

Contrary to what people say that the buffet is a bad place for conversation, it is actually the best venue for a lot of chit-chat. With appetizer, 2 plates of mains and desert, you only need to stand up 4 times. You’ll spend the most time on your seat eating slowly enough for good conversation.

Golden Corral dinner buffet starts at 4 pm and last ‘til 8:30 to 9:00 pm depending on the location. That should give you enough allowance to relax, eat slowly, savor every taste and enjoy every bits of conversation.

Appetizers and Deserts

A quick note about appetizers; greens are greens and dressings are dressings, there’s really no point in trying them all out unless, there is something new or something unfamiliar. Just choose your favorite greens and dressing and put them in a small plate then, that’s it for appetizers.

Only take your desert when you are sure that you are done with the main course. Going back to the main course, after you have taken desert, ruins it for you. Sweets, especially when you are already full, numb your taste buds. Everything tastes dull after deserts.

The best way to enjoy a buffet is to set aside the value of the dollar. Dining in a buffet could only go 2 ways. It’s either too expensive or too satisfying.

Satisfaction is not about the amount of food you ingest. It is always about the amount of satisfaction you go home with.

Buffets are everywhere and there is a very good reason for it. They are the best value deal in all kinds of dining.

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