Maggiano’s Little Italy Serves Big Meals

Maggiano’s styles itself as a casual Italian eatery, but there’s nothing ordinary about the food they serve up. Since the restaurant chain was opened for customers in 1991, they’ve earned a reputation for serving large family style meals as well as generous plates, perfect for families that enjoy eating.


A Cozy, Friendly Atmosphere

maggianos-prepared-dishesWhile the place is undeniably famous for their American Italian dishes they also serve a lot of different entrees, flatbreads, salads, and pasta.  The moment you step in you’ll be greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread and wonderfully roasted garlic, an indication of what’s in store. The first thing you’ll see upon entering is the spacious waiting room, and there’s also a bar plus dining rooms which, more often than not, are in classic white and red checkered tablecloths with people dining on pasta and other American Italian meals.

The numerous options on the menu are great for picky eaters, and the family style menu is also great for kids. If you’re looking for something more refined you should take a look at its entrée selection including roasted salmon, beef tenderloin, crab cakes, glazed salmon and more. A quick look at its entrée menu will show that it isn’t your average restaurant as the menu is clearly meant to satisfy people with different tastes.

A Little Bit of Everything

You can order anything you want here and not go wrong, but for starters, you may opt for half a dozen bruschetta, lightly toasted, thick cut crostinis topped with copious amounts of garlic and diced tomato. It also comes with plenty of balsamic dressing and layered with lots of Parmesan cheese and fresh basil ribbons. There’s a lot going on here but the tangy flavor and light dressing will leave you longing for more. Combined with the fresh tomatoes and the garlic, and you have an appetizer that really whets your appetite. You will also want to try their steamed mussels which come in thick, red spicy sauce with plenty of roasted garlic for flavoring.

pasta-plateThere are plenty of lobsters on the menu, and one that’s proven to be a hit with customers is the lobster baked tilapia. A plate of this dish includes two tilapia pieces covered with Asiago cheese crust and covered with lots of lobster meat chunks. The tilapia is flavorful already, but the cheese coating makes it even more so, and the lobster meat is as juicy as they come. The dish, by the way, is served with dried tomatoes and orzo with spinach, and it’s pleasing to the eye as to the taste buds.

And if that isn’t enough you should give their Parmesan crusted chicken a shot, as they’re very juicy with just the right kind of zesty sauce. And if you think that Maggiano’s is just all pasta, well it isn’t, as they also have a lot of desserts here. If you’re only going to try one, make it the Zuccatto cake, a sumptuous concoction with endless layers of thick chocolate cake sandwiching sambuca mousse layers and covered with chocolate ganache.

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