Love New Jersey? Here are 15 Must-Visit Restaurants Before You Die

New Jersey maybe overshadowed by its neighbor when it comes to glitz and glamour but as the Diner Capital of the World, one can’t help but love the food here. Besides, the dining options are limitless and quite diverse. If you are planning to visit New Jersey and you want incredible food, here’s our foodie bucket list, in no particular order:

1.White Mana, Jersey City

It’s anything but fancy but you’ll absolutely love the sliders. It’s been around for many decades and is still going strong. It’s open 24 hours too so just in case you’re reading this at 2AM and you are craving a good burger, head to White Mana for your burger fix.

2.Slater’s Deli, Leonardo

If there’s one thing New Jersey is known for, it would have to be none other than the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll sandwich. And for the best of the best, head to Slater’s Deli.

3.The Shrimp Box, Point Pleasant Beach

This amazing seafood restaurant offers spectacular views of the harbor, great food and equally amazing service. People travel hundreds of miles to get here. They’re that good.

4.Olde Towne Deli, Boonton

Olde Towne is another favorite when it comes to Taylor Ham/Pork Roll sandwiches. They also make a mean Egg&Cheese.

5.The Chicken Or The Egg, Beach Haven

CHEGG’s food is heavenly especially their breakfast menu and chicken wings. You have probably seen them featured on Man v. Food (Ludicrous Wings Challenge).

6.Alice’s, Lake Hopatcong

This waterfront restaurant offers a really nice outdoor deck and they’re usually full during summer and spring. Great food and their drink specials are a must try too.

7.The Mad Batter, Cape May

This restaurant is found in the Carroll Villa Hotel and The Mad Batter offers happy hour, art exhibits and live music. People come here mainly for breakfast but dinner is just as good.

8.White House Sub Shop, Atlantic City

This Sub shop has been around since 1946 and their subs are really delicious. The Arctic Avenue is also where you’ll find Frank Sinatra memorabilia among others.

9.Battello, Jersey City

The views are to die for but people don’t just come here for that. They also serve Italian-inspired seafood options and their brunch is pretty fab.

10.Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank

Molly Pitcher Inn offers a seasonal Sunday brunch and if it happens to be available when you’re in town, do not miss it. They have a selection of mouth-watering choices and you get free alcoholic beverages too.

11.Clinton Station Diner, Clinton

People visit Clinton Station Diner for 2 reasons – the burgers are epic and the diner is built from a restored train. You can also try their burger challenge which includes a 50 lbs burger!

12.Chickie’s & Pete’s, Multiple Locations

There are 4 Chickie’s & Pete’s locations in New Jersey so if you’re heading to Atlantic City, Ocean City, Bordentown or Egg Harbor Township, check them out. They are an award winning sports bar as well as crabhouse, and they serve the meanest crab fries.

13.Rutt’s Hut, Clifton

Deep friend hot dogs anyone? A lot of people say you haven’t really enjoyed fastfood until you have been to Rutt’s Ripper and we definitely agree. You.Just.Have.To.Try.It.

14.Amy’s Omelette House, Long Branch/Cherry Hill/ Burlington

If breakfast is your favorite meal of the day then you will love this place. They serve French toast, pancakes and waffles AND – wait for it – 222 different kinds of omelettes!

15.Benny Tudino’s, Hoboken

Pizza is big in New Jersey and Benny Tudino’s pizzas are the best and the BIGGEST. Imagine one slice of pizza that takes up two plates! We bet you’ve never seen one.
Buzzfeed published an article about how AWESOME it is to be from New Jersey and we’d really have to agree, just by looking at the impressive dining options available here. From giant pizzas to mafia-themed restaurants, it’s really no wonder that people come here to enjoy the food and dining experiences. If you are ever planning to visit New Jersey, include some of the restaurants we’ve listed here and you’ll thank us for it. Better yet, try them ALL!

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