Amarillo Residents Eat at These Top Locations

Know the Top 10 Amarillo Restaurants Where Locals Eat

You’ll never go hungry when you’re in Amarillo, Texas as the best restaurants abound in the place. One of the state’s biggest cities, Amarillo is known for its wide spaces, awesome sunsets, rich Western heritage – and great food. Every important street and avenue boasts of a popular food joint or two, to prove a point. If indeed, you are visiting the city, go to any of these top 10 restaurants and be prepared to have your cravings for great Texan and Western American foods satisfied.

1. Jorge’s Tacos Garcia

In the midst of the art district of the city is Jorge’s Tacos Garcia, a restaurant known to serve some of the finest Tex-Mex dishes this part of the state. Guests praise its exciting food, which is an active fusion of American and Mexican cuisines. Popular specialties of the house are burritos with rice and beans as fillings, tacos and fajitas. You will be delighted with its huevos rancheros or eggs with beans, a gastronomical treat for first-timers. For the burger lovers, there is the all-American burger cooked with a Latino twist.

2. Tyler’s

Owned by Tyler Frazer, an Amarillo native, Tyler’s is just new in the business, having been open for four years. It has grown immensely popular in such a short time because of its personalized service, with the shop’s friends preparing the food for the hungry guests and local events. Diners love to eat there for its three-meat platters – ribs, beef, and pork. For those who want something light, Tyler’s offers good choices of sandwiches filled with best-tasting meats.

3. GoldenLight

GoldenLight is known as the oldest food establishment in Amarillo. Its other claim to fame is its being the oldest existing restaurant in Route 66. Apart from serving classic dishes like the special American hamburger, GoldenLight is famous for being a regular hangout of local musicians and artists – making it an ideal place to enjoy great food and entertainment.

4. Abuelo’s

Abuelo’s is well-loved for its enchilada meals. Everyone’s choice is the chicken enchilada, which is served very tender and tasty. Beans and rice are flavored to perfection. Portions are generous – and so, be prepared to bring home uneaten portions. The menu seems to be endless – but, since you must choose, go for any if its meat selections, which are all delectable in taste. Abuelo’s must not be missed out if ever you’re in town.

5. Coyote Bluff

One of the well-loved restaurants in Amarillo is the Coyote Bluff. Guests are always amazed with the restaurant’s white-washed walls and slate roof. Its dining structure is mainly of fine woodwork. Apart from the impressive ambiance, the restaurant boasts of having a list of innovative and delicious burger sandwiches. A famous treat is called the ‘Burger from Hell,’ which has jalapeños and onions for toppings and made spicier with its two hot sauces.

6. Ohm’s Café

A must-visit restaurant situated in the heart of Amarillo is the Ohm’s Café, which opened to the public in 1992. It is owned by Mary Fuller, who is famous locally for her cinnamon rolls. Currently, the establishment is operated by her children, who continue to serve delicious foods in keeping with the Fuller tradition that their mother started. House specialties are Sichuan-style lamb chops served with stir-fried vegetables and oven-cooked pork tenderloin with carrots and potatoes on the side.

7. Macaroni Joe’s

Macaroni Joe’s is well-known around Amarillo for its authentic and delicious Italian meals. Every guest is treated to some of the most amazing Tuscan specialties cooked by the restaurant’s cooks with utmost grace and careful innovation, so as not to veer away from the dishes original Italian recipes. Needless to say, regulars are Mararoni Joe’s are meticulous guests with the most discerning palate. Specialties are mainly pasta, albeit seafood and steaks are available as well. The restaurant offers some 450 quality wines from Italy and other parts of the world.

8. Big Texan

Big Texan fits its name by all standards – it offers a large dining venue and serves gargantuan portions as well. On certain occasions, Big Texan hosts its very own steak challenge, where guests who join must finish a 72-ounce beef, a little less than 2 kilos. Clearly not an easy contest, contestants are required to finish the whole meat in one hour or less, or shell out the amount of $72.

9. Doug’s hickory Pitt

Doug’s Hickory Pitt boasts of a long list of barbecued food, each one of which is perfectly smoked for long periods of time. This results in very tender dishes, like BBQ beef briskets, pulled pork, and chicken. If you have a hunger you can hardly contain, go for the thick and juicy cuts of beef ribs, which are the restaurant’s specialty. All meat dishes come with a wide array of great-tasting sauces and side dishes like coleslaw and baked beans.

10. Blue Sky

Having been a winner of many Best Burger awards, Blue Sky has proven itself to be a major burger bar of Amarillo. Still, another award it received was the Title of Best Onion Ring, a specialty of the store. What makes its burgers special? All patties are prepared from fresh and newly-ground steak to ensure the juiciest and freshest sandwiches. Sides are superb-tasting like fried jalapeño rings, battered onion rings, and bacon cheesy fries. The restaurant offers the finest desserts in specialty floats and milkshakes made from organic ice cream.

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